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TrafficCarma to Provide On-Demand Traffic Information

New apps deliver personalized commute updates

Traffic updates have been a vital programming service on radio, particularly in urban areas for decades. The options available have only expanded with the advent of smartphones. As the NAB show moves into its second day, new technology and developments hold the promise of an even more robust experience for those who make the daily commute to work.

Travel information services provider TrafficCast has announced a partnership with radio technology services company AirKast that it says will make on-demand traffic information available to over 800 radio stations in North America. Local traffic information via TrafficCast’s TrafficCarma platform will be made available within the AirKast app, along with a station’s live stream of music, information, news and weather.

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According to the company, the tool will provide detailed road speed and incident information. TrafficCast says that users will have the option to create custom routes for their daily commutes that include personalized traffic information, travel times, and even an ETA.

TrafficCast offers a suite of revenue generating mobile-first traffic tools for broadcasters including station-branded traffic apps, in-app traffic solutions, real-time traffic widgets and a web-based dashboard that enables stations to engage with TrafficCarma mobile app content from their audience to use on-air, on the web and on social media.

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