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Transradio Takes Transmission Control

The System Control Desk can be configured for a range of transmitting systems

Transradio says its System Control Desk is a tailored option for control and monitoring of relevant parameters and status information of an MF broadcast, LF broadcast or LF communication transmitting system.

The System Control Desk is equipped with one or two industrial-grade 12-inch color touchscreens featuring a graphical user interface (the number of touchscreens depending on the actual system configuration).

Flexible architecture allows the System Control Desk to be configured for a range of transmitting systems. Those include single-transmitter systems; exciter reserve systems; passive transmitter reserve systems (one active transmitter, one reserve transmitter); active transmitter reserve systems (two active transmitters with paralleling unit); and full passive reserve systems (two complete, independent transmitter-antenna chains).

Beyond providing operator access to the operating parameters of the transmitter(s), the System Control Desk monitors and controls system components such as the medium- and low-voltage distribution, external air cooling system, antenna selector switch, dummy load and antenna tuning unit.

The System Control Desk also handles switching procedures such as antenna/dummy load selection, automatic changeover to the reserve transmitter in case of failure or automatic switchover to a mains backup system.

If required by the client, the System Control Desk can be complemented with interfaces and logic for handling additional tasks (e.g., room temperature control, observation of access doors, etc.).