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User Report: Sony UK Selects AEQ Phoenix for Remote Vans

Codec to Handle Audio From the Field for Algerian Radio/TV Broadcaster

READING, ENGLAND Sony Professional Services has obtained a major deal with Algerian state broadcaster, Algerian Public Television, L’Entreprise Nationale de Télévision (ENTV). ENTV has commissioned Sony to build five high-definition (HD) remote vehicles for the TV channel. An important piece of the audio component will be AEQ Phoenix codecs.

ENTV was created in 1986 as successor of RTA Radiodiffusion Télévision Algérienne, which was founded in 1962 after the independence of the country. ENTV is responsible for transmitting five channels of locally produced news, entertainment, culture and sports programming to French and Arabic speakers in the North African region: Canal Algerie, Algerie 2, Algerie 3, Thamazighth and Kannat el-Coraän channels. ENTV is also a member of the European Broadcasting Union, the EBU.

Phoenix fits the bill

Sony is building five HD remove vehicles as part of a major ENTV internal modernization strategy and its move toward HD production. The HD trucks will include 48 cameras; 80 LMD line LCD monitors; 10 VTRs and five video switchers among the numerous Sony-branded products to be installed. Along with this contract came the opportunity to also provide 12 audio codecs; AEQ’s Phoenix Mobile was selected.

The Phoenix Mobile is a compact, light and portable multi-function IP audio codec compliant with the N/ACIP EBU Tech 3326 recommendations.

AEQ Phoenix is a flexible and versatile communications platform that includes several communication interfaces: built-in IP and two slots which accommodate additional interfaces, allowing users to use POTS/PSTN and ISDN lines, or any type of line that can be adapted to the USB interface such as 3G/GSM.

Phoenix comes equipped with a variety of encoding modes including AAC, allowing users to link with other compatible IP codecs, and through its additional coms modules, with virtually any ISDN codec on the market. The equipment allows users to choose the encoding mode and output bit rate suited to the bandwidth and type of network available at any time. This is perfect for the electronic news gathering operations.

The Phoenixes, fitted with both POTS/PSTN and ISDN modules, were selected not only because of their portability but because the codec is “future-proof” with the IP encoding already in place. The fact that it has expansion slots with a variety of available interfaces that suited the customer’s needs also appealed as this would allow future upgrades if necessary. An ideal small mixer (Phoenix has an internal digital router) is included making the Phoenix Mobile more than just an audio encoder.

The Phoenix Mobile is made of tough ABS materials making it especially resistant to the rigors of working on the road, and its high-capacity Li-ion battery (2.5 hours) is more than adequate to cover most remote events.

Tadeusz Krzeminski is a project manager with Sony Professional Services UK.

For information, contact AEQ at (954) 581-7999 or