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V-Soft Features ‘Plus Packs’

Expands power of Probe 4 and FMCommander

RF signal propagation and measurement software developer V-Soft has new “Plus Packs” for the Probe 4 and FMCommander programs, to be featured at the NAB Show.

For the Probe 4 propagation program new bundled options includes Synchronous Booster, a program that determines interference in systems containing on-channel boosters and single-frequency networks; Measured Signal Importer, a program that imports measured signal data from select GPS devices; Antenna Pattern Workshop editor; ZIP Code Module, a program that maps ZIP code boundaries and calculates the populations within; Airport Module, a program that plots airport locations; ITU-R P. 1546-1 Propagation Model; 200-meter resolution for LULC data; Canadian FM and TV station databases; free downloads of ZIP Code boundaries, centroids and airport runways and 2010 U.S. Census Tiger boundaries.

FM Commander’s Plus Pack includes Internet mapping capabilities, 2010 Tiger data, airport overlays and a population scatter gram overlay.

Also new is XField for the calculation of the location of second- or third-adjacent FM translator interference contours and for calculating and determining the locations of FM IBOC host interference when separate antennas are used.

NAB Show Booth: C2739