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WaveLab Now Available for Mac

Version 7 of DAW program ports to Mac and adds features

DAW software developer Steinberg has announced a new, “whole-number” version of the digital audio editing and mastering program WaveLab.

The first thing that jumps out at Version 7 of the traditionally Windows program is a Mac OS X porting. The next noticeable thing should be the new GUI, centered on a “completely customizable” window according to a press release.

Special goodies for those working in production and post production should be the package of Sonnox restoration and noise reduction plug-ins. As with any major release there are plenty of other fun new plug-ins, analysis tools, and processors added. WaveLab tops out at a 384 kHz sample rate.

WaveLab has long been known as a mastering and CD/DVD-A disc burning program. These tools have been reworked for Version 7.