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Waves Ups C4 to C6

Multiband Band Compressor Gets Two Additional Bands

There was a time when the Waves C4 multiband compressor was a bit expensive and not really germane to the radio broadcast market. But that was a time before the Internet-created multiverse began to exude its influence on radio.

New times bring new challenges and new products. Waves has released the C6, a six-band software digital compressor (essentially the C4 plus two extra ‘floating’ bands). A side chain for every band is also a new feature.

The C6 should follow the C4’s path into studio, live and post work. It should handle de-essing, depopping, feedback duties of all sorts. Operation of 24-bit/192 kHz will also for precision work within each band to isolate annoying problems, pump up weak areas or shape instruments and vocals.

Naturally controls include frequency, Q, threshold, attack, release, etc.

The C6 is compatible with TDM, RTAS, VST, AudioSuite and AU plug-in systems.

Prices vary on Waves service contracts though buying C6 separately is $400 for native and $800 for TDM.