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Wegener’s Pelkey to Discuss Microcasting

Speaks Monday in the Broadcast Engineering Conference

Wegener VP, System Architect Gary Pelkey will look at “microcasting” as part of the Radio Engineering Forum in the Broadcast Engineering Conference on Monday, April 20, around 3 p.m.

Pelkey will present “Using Microcasting for Custom Programming.”

Microcasting is a file-based broadcast concept designed to give practitioners more variety than standard users using dedicated linear playout feeds. For example microcasting would allow a station to store programming, retrieved via IP and play it out in a customized order, different from other stations in the chain or cluster, and insert live or prerecorded content customized for that particular station when necessary.

Microcasting works independently and cheaper than standard proprietary station automation systems currently in use, he says.

Wegener is also exhibiting on the convention floor.

Booth: SU7913