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Wheatstone Starts Production on PR&E DMX

Also ramps up customer support for PR&E owners

Wheatstone has announced that it is putting into production the DMX digital console, the first new product for the recently acquired PR&E brand.

The DMX digital audio console is an IP network broadcast studio console, with the new consoles adding IP audio routing as a studio add-on to the traditional PR&E model. The DMX will come in eight-fader and 16-fader control surfaces and are available with a 1RU DMX mix engine and 1RU Razor I/O module, which include Gigabit Ethernet ports and RJ-45 interfaces.

The DMX, as well as future products, are set to replace PR&E’s legacy Vistamax and Envoy router lines and RMX consoles. The PR&E branded NetWave and Oasis consoles will continue to be manufactured by Wheatstone.

In addition, Wheatstone is also issuing an expanded technical support program for existing PR&E customers. The support program will offer 24/7 support, onsite troubleshooting, spare part kits and a parts inventory. Wheatstone says it will continue to honor currently active PR&E hardware warranties and related tech support.

DMX is expected to begin shipping by the end of the summer.