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Wheatstone Unveils Four New Products

Processors and consoles, value lines increased

Wheatstone has announced the launch of four new products at the 2015 NAB Show: the Air-5 Bluetooth-compatible audio console, AM-55 audio processor, the FM-25 multiband audio processor and the Audioarts 08 console.

Part of the Audioarts line of products, Air-5 (shown) is a 16-fader console aimed for small studios and newsrooms. The Air-5 enables users to play audio directly from a PC or output audio to PC recording software as well as receive and record calls from Bluetooth-enabled cellphones or play cuts from Bluetooth-enabled MP3 players. Other features include two program busses with balanced outputs, four mic preamps, switched VU meters and a monitor, headphone and cue for off-air monitoring.

A multiband audio processor for AM broadcast, the AM-55 is based on Wheatstone’s iAGC technology. The design provides automatic, real-time program density control for a consistent, spectrally-balance sound regardless of density variations from incoming source material, the company says. The AM-55 also includes an interface to the Wheatstone WheatNet-IP network, a front-panel OLED display and Guru GUI navigation.

The FM-25 is another multiband audio processor designed for FM stations requiring basic spectral audio shaping and peak limiting control and LPFM. The FM-25 includes two-band AGC technology coupled to a multiband limiter and stereo generator. Other features include stereo enhancement, program adaptive L-R control and fully supports the WheatNet-IP Intelligent Network.

Lastly, the Audioarts 08 console is designed for LPFMs, podcasts, web streaming or remote applications. In one frame, the Audioarts 08 includes a single stereo mixing bus, two mic inputs, USB input and output, speaker mute and mix-minus telephone output for interfacing to a telephone hybrid.

Also, Wheatstone is offering a demonstration of AES67, with an integrated studio network including automation, control surfaces, mics, audio processing and STL delivery working together as an interoperable audio network.

The company is streaming audio from an AES67-compatible soundcard through the WheatNet-IP audio network with automation integration by four playout systems and through Tieline’s Genie codec and distribution system. WheatNet-IP I/O Blades, or access points in the network, support AES67-compliant devices using the IEEE-1588 PTP grandmaster clock for synchronizing to and ingesting/streaming AES67-compliant packets.