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Who’s Buying What: WTOP Uses EV Mics at Big New Facility

Hubbard buildout features more than 60 audio locations

Electro-Voice said Hubbard Radio’s WTOP is using numerous EV mics at its new facility in the suburbs of Washington.

The big news outlet and its sibling Federal News Radio recently moved to a 30,000-square-foot location in Friendship Heights, Md., in a project designed by integrator Radio DNA. It put together a work area with nine on-air studios, seven vocal booths and 48 news production workstations, plus a new “Glass Enclosed Nerve Center,” a phrase familiar to its listeners from the station branding.

Electro-Voice, RE320, WTOP

“Reporters produce and file their stories from workstations equipped with Electro-Voice RE320 microphones,” EV stated in a press release. “For the 16 on-air studios, a total of 30 top-of-the-line RE320 microphones are deployed. All 78 microphones are housed in EV 309A suspension mounts, providing shock isolation and eliminating cable noise.”

EV said that at all the microphones are run with flat response. “The only processing used is a bit of limiting for consistent volume and some noise gating to minimize unwanted noise from HVAC and other environmental sources.”

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