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Cutting Edge Group Announces The Launch Of Music.Film- The Online Film Music Search, Licensing and Community Portal

Cutting Edge Group announces the launch of Music.Film ( a new world class, one-stop portal where production companies, advertising agencies, trailer houses, filmmakers, local TV/radio stations, and any/all companies that may require music can license film music for their projects. 

(Beverly Hills, CA) – Cutting Edge Group announces the launch of Music.Film ( a new world class, one-stop portal where production companies, advertising agencies, trailer houses, filmmakers, local TV/radio stations, and any/all companies that may require music can license film music for their projects.The catalog features the original recordings from over 400 films, including music from Academy Award®-winning and critically-acclaimed composers including Justin Hurwitz (Whiplash), Rachel Portman (Belle, Their Finest, The Right Kind of Wrong), Cliff Martinez (Drive),Jóhann Jóhannsson (Sicario and Arrival), Carter Burwell (Carol), Steven Price (Fury)and Rupert Gregson-William (Hacksaw Ridge).

Because of the dual licensing nature of film music recordings, where the licensor needs to obtain both master and publishing rights, securing original film music for secondary use in TV programming, advertising, games, trailers and other contexts has often proved difficult – and sometimes cost prohibitive. Music.Film offers convenience, accessibility, and one-stop licensing of cinematic music – music that was created to convey emotion and tell stories – for film, TV, advertising, and games projects at a reasonable rate.

Through the Music.Film portal, Cutting Edge Group is in a prime position to revolutionize how film music is licensed.Cutting Edge Group owns or controls both master and publishing rights for their catalog.The user-friendly search mechanism allows licensors to search for and temp music from the catalog, and then submit their licensing request to quickly receive a quote.Depending on the usage request many of the tracks can even be licensed immediately from the website.With creative and licensing teams in both London and Los Angeles Music.Film can offer rapid responses to queries and license requests around the clock, whether for one-off individual needs or for annual blanket deals.

“At Cutting Edge, we have been privileged to work with most of the best composers in the world and on some of the finest films of recent years and we’re delighted to be able to make those soundtracks accessible for everyone to use to the benefit of both the composers and the new projects,” said Philip Moross, CEO of Cutting Edge Group.

Composers, whose compositions often sit fallow once the film has run its theatrical or broadcast course, doubly benefit – composers receive a share of the license fees and the active solicitation of their recordings lead to increased royalty revenues for their catalogs.

“It’s always nice when those royalty checks come in,” joked Cliff Martinez, composer of Drive, Spring Breakers,and Aribtrage.“It’s been great having Cutting Edge Group, and now Music.Film, working to maximize secondary usage licenses for these scores.”

Are you involved with a charity campaign for a licensed 501c3?Music.Film will on request waive the sync license fee for charitable causes and PSAs (public service announcements) as part of the company’s commitment to be a socially responsible corporation.

Can’t afford a 100-piece orchestra for a company video or corporate branding?Looking for music by Academy Award® winning composers like Michael Giacchino, Dario Marianelli or Rachel Portman for your independent film?Visit Music.Film and ask for a quote.Looking for inspiration on what to use for your film trailer?Check out the “Made For Trailers” playlist.The easy-to-navigate portal allows you to browse, listen to, and license these cinematic recordings in just a few clicks.

“Audio-visual creators will now be able to have their productions sound like a multi-million dollar project without the multi-million dollar price tag,” said Chuck Ansel Executive Vice President of Music.Film.“The production timeline moves so incredibly fast. Being able to offer simple one-stop master & synch licensing for all broadcast platforms allows us to both super-serve music licensees while increasing revenues for composers. It’s a win-win situation for everyone!”

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For more information contact Beth Krakower, The Krakower Group, 310.294.3600, [email protected], or @KrakowerGroup on Twitter

Music.Film is the new online film music search, licensing and community portal brought to you by the Cutting Edge Group. 

With over 10 years of supporting film music and over $30m invested in the creation of film scores and original soundtracks, Music.Film is the world’s pre-eminent independent Film Soundtrack catalog, giving our users access to over 400 scores, including the likes of Drive, The King’s Speech, Arrival, Whiplash, Hacksaw Ridge, Carol and Sicario. 

We are the one-stop destination for licensing great film scores for secondary usage across all media types. We actively support and invest in film music, and are consequently in a unique position to revolutionize how movie soundtracks are licensed for secondary use in TV programming, advertising, games, trailers and other commercial contexts. Traditionally, use of major film scores has often been difficult to directly license. Because we control both master and publishing rights, Music.Film is uniquely placed to break this mold and allow extended use of the catalog. 

As we develop, Music.Film aims to become the destination to educate, inform and participate in the film music space by regularly keeping its followers up to date with all the latest developments in film music through interviews, events and news, whilst allowing potential licensees access to our world class, one stop catalog including scores by the cream of modern composers including Jóhann Jóhannsson,Rachel Portman, Thomas Newman, Carter Burwell and Cliff Martinez.

World-class music. Easy one-stop licensing


Cutting Edge Group (CEG) is a leading international music financier and services provider for film, television, and advertising, working directly with film and TV studios, independent producers, and global brands. CEG has invested in and provided a range of music services to over 400 feature films, including The King’s Speech, which won the Best Picture Academy Award for 2010, Brad Pitt‘s Fury, the John Wick franchise, Drive, Hacksaw Ridge, multi Academy Award-nominated Sicario, and the three-time Academy Award winner, Whiplash. CEG is made up of an asset division, which accumulates media music IP, and a music services business, which works closely with content owners to help maximize and enhance the value of their music. CEG’s service companies include; Varese Sarabande (Record Label), Music.Film (Music Licensing Platform), CORD Worldwide (Music Consultancy) and CEG Analytics (Royalty Tracking & Analysis). For more information about Cutting Edge Group, visit