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Apple Watch Update Brings New Streaming Options to Wearer’s Wrist

watchOS 4.1 is now available to download

CUPERTINO, Calif. � Apple has released a new update for the Apple Watch Series 3.

Users who download watchOS 4.1 will be able to capitalize on some of the features promised when the watch was introduced earlier this year. Broadcasters should pay particular attention to the watch�s enhanced streaming capabilities.

According to Valentina Palladino of Ars Technica, �Series 3 devices with LTE service will be able to stream content from Apple Music and Radio with this update, as well as content from the user’s iCloud Music Library. Previously, Apple Watch models could only sync selected playlists from iTunes for playback through connected wireless earbuds. …The update also brings a new Radio app that lets users stream radio stations like Beats1 and stations accessible via Apple Music subscriptions.�

However, battery life is always crucial for smart device satisfaction.

�According to tests conducted by Apple on preproduction versions of the latest Watch models, users can stream up to seven hours of Apple Music tunes while using LTE. That�s compared to 10 hours of listening when sourcing music stored on the watch itself. Apple also says that the watch’s battery will allow users to stream up to five hours of live radio while using LTE,� Engadget�s Mallory Locklear writes.

(Note that those stats do not include the rate of battery drain when other apps/features are in use simultaneously.)

The device has been available since mid-September.