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BLM Presents Results on Media Usage Across Bavaria

The spread of digital radio has increased 74 percent as compared to 2015 in that region

NUREMBERG, Germany � Interesting news fromBayerische Landeszentrale f�r neue Medien�about media usage in Bavaria, Germany.�

Digitalization there is on the increase: In particular, the spread of digital radio has increased 74 percent as compared to 2015. Radio usage over the Internet has increased significantly; in general, internet usage in Bavaria has risen to almost 82 percent of the population, with mobile internet seeing the most gain. These are some of the first results of Funkanalyse Bayern in 2016, presented July 5�at Lokalrundfunktage in Nuremberg.

Bavarian households now hold a total 1.48 million digital radios. In-car DAB has seen an increase of 31 percent to 392,000 units. Around 16 percent of the population ages 10 and over have at least one DAB + device in the home or in the car. �4.6 percent of the population in Bavaria from 10 years+ hear daily radio via DAB +.�The use of radio via the internet has also increased significantly. 28.9 percent of the Bavarian population ages 10 and older listen to radio at least once per week via the internet.

Daily listening to radio programming via the internet is now at 4.4 percent.�Internet usage in Bavaria continues to increase. �81.1 percent of the population aged 14 and over use the Internet at least once a week; in 2010 that figure was only 69.0 percent. In the age group of 14 to 19 in Bavaria internet usage is at 99.1 percent. This young audience uses the internet for 139 minutes per day; radio for 122 minutes; and TV for �84 minutes.

For the complete results, posted by WorldDAB, lookhere.