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Digital Radio Listening Approaches 50% in the UK

Among 10–64 years olds, digital radio use is already above 50%

LONDON � In the UK, digital radio listening pushes ever closer to the magic number of 50% by reaching a new record share of 48.7%, representing growth of 7.5% compared to 45.3% in Q2 2016, according to RAJAR Q2 2017 data released today. About 1.5 million additional adults are now listening via a digital platform, compared to Q2 2016, taking digital reach to 33 million people and for the first time over 60% of the population.

Digital listening across all platforms continues to grow, with the fastest growing segment now being online/apps, which grew by 9.1% in hours to an 8.8% share of all radio listening and an 18% share of digital listening, as radio listening via voice-controlled and smart speakers becomes increasingly popular.�

The majority of digital listening remains via DAB digital radio, which grew 6.1% in hours to account for 34.5% share of all radio listening or 71% of digital listening. Listening via digital television grew 4% in hours to account for a 5.4% share of all listening and for an 11.1% share of digital listening.

Among 10�64 years olds, digital radio use is already above 50% (at 50.8%) and there are now four age subgroups with a digital share of over 50%: 10�14; 15�24s; 35�44s; 45�54s year olds.

Digital listening across commercial and BBC radio is approaching 50% and both have grown digital listening share to 49.4% and 48% respectively. Digital listening has grown across both national and local stations, with national digital listening hours increasing to 57.3%, and local digital listening hours to 33.5%. National commercial digital listening hours continue to grow, increasing by 9.8% year over year, to account for over three quarters (75.4%) share of all national commercial listening, while BBC national digital listening hours grew by 5.8% to account for the 50.7% platform share.

In-car digital listening hours have grown by 20% year over year and have reached a new record share of 29.7%, supported by over 700,000 new cars on UK roads with DAB digital radio installed as standard equipment in Q1 2017 alone (Q1 2016 CAP/SMMT). Digital listening in cars has contributed to 38% of all digital listening hourly growth.