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FM Shutdowns Continue in Norway

Local radio benefits

OSLO � On April 26, Norwegian pubic broadcaster NRK shut down its FM transmitters in four counties in the southern part of the country: Telemark, Buskerud, Hedmark and Oppland. P4 and Radio Norway will continue for several more months on the FM band. All other local radio stations in the four counties will continue on FM at least until 2022.

NRK has built a DAB network that is says has 99.7% coverage of the population in Norway. The national commercial channels have another DAB network, covering 92.4% of the population. Many local radio stations have set up, or are in the process of setting up, local DAB networks in their areas. Many of these will therefore transmit both FM and DAB, according to�

�It is important to include that the vast majority of radio channels, both national and local, are available via the internet. Radio can be received through radio player on web, mobile applications TuneIn and in numerous other ways. More and more people are also investing in podcasts and on-demand services online,� according to the same article.

It�s fair to ask how local radio is fairing in the areas in Norway in which national FMs are now history. In February, FMs went off in Trondelag; the latest poll by TNS Kantar shows that Nea Radio, still on-air there, now has 42% daily audience in its coverage area, also according to�

NEA radio started in 1985, now has 10 employees and is �Norway�s most popular local radio,� according to the same article.��