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iBiquity Conducts Survey Of Public Station HD Radio Implementations

iBiquity looks to get a handle on whether or not public radio stations fully utilizing HD Radio technology.

If your public radio station isn�t making much use of HD radio, then you may be getting a call before long from NPR.

iBiquity has hired Rich Rarey, the former NPR labs director, to conduct a survey in which managers and engineers at public stations are asked whether or not they�re using HD radio, and if so, which of its features they�ve put in to use, according to Scott Fybush in� The plan is for iBiquity�s survey results to be passed along to NPR, which may in turn pass them along to member stations. �As the first generation of HD Radio transmitters and encoders ages, iBiquity wants to encourage stations into replace them with newest generation. They also hope to encourage the use of HD for multicasting and datacasting.�

iBiquity is also moving forward with their own initiatives, including the introduction of a privately-branded table-top HD radio.� �We�re doing a deal with several British manufacturers that have been doing DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting) radios in Europe. They�re going to add an HD chip to those, so you�ll see new HD radios available,� Rarey said.