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Norway CE Group Endorses FM-to-DAB Adaptor as Gift

Elektronikkbransjen is the association for the Norwegian marketplace of electronic products

With the impending FM shutdowns about to start in Norway (in just over two months) one could reasonably assume that many radio listeners there want some way to keep using their FM radios.

Elektronikkbransjen (Electronics Trade Foundation) is the association for the Norwegian marketplace of electrical and electronic products and services. It says its 1,000 member companies work daily to simplify and improve the daily lives of Norwegian citizens with time- and labor-saving aids, communication and entertainment. �The association brings together manufacturers, distributors, retailers and workshops within categories such as appliances, brown goods, photo / video, small electronics and mobile phones,� according to their web page.

Turns out that Elektronikkbransjen, in its annual ranking of the �Year�s Christmas gifts� selected in the category �DAB products� the DAB+ to FM car adapter known as the Tiny C6, by Tiny Audio.

The Tiny C6 car adapter is powered by a 12V socket in the car and sends the DAB+ audio by way of a small modulator to the existing FM radio in the car. Its screen shows song and program information and it also has service following, an important feature for those listeners driving across the coverage areas of multiple DAB+ mux transmitters.

�We see it as an important part of the digitalization of Norway,� said Tom Vedvik of TT Micro to Vedvik says that some may have problems with the installation, but that those who have done it right are very satisfied. �There is a lot to take into consideration, among other things how the antennas are located.� He points out that all adapters need an additional antenna, separate from the one used by the FM radio, because the DAB+ mux transmitters operate on a higher frequency band.