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Norway’s NRK Publishes Tips for Better DAB Reception

This same information applies to much FM and HD reception here in the US

OSLO � Radio station websites (particularly public stations) often have �tips� on how to maximize one�s reception of the station. Norway�s public radio service NRK has now published tips on how to improve one�s DAB reception, and I think it will be of interest to readers.

I�ve changed the order, by the way, but you can see it as originally appeared by going here. (This same information applies to much FM and HD reception here in the US, of course � except that we don�t have service following or digital radio SFNs.)

  • ��� ��Check your antenna. �All DAB radios require an antenna.�If the antenna is not mounted correctly, the reception may be poor.�Car radio antennas should be vertical. Many DAB adapters also require antennas that are grounded, so that you have a portion of the antenna being in contact with the metal of the vehicle frame.�In areas with very strong signals (for example, in large cities) a radio will function without antenna or with improperly mounted antenna, but the reception will disappear in areas with normal coverage (meaning where the signal is weaker, but still strong enough for solid reception when an antenna is used).�
  • �� � ��Use the Service Following in Car:��If you are running from an NRK region to another without using Service Following, you may lose reception of the NRK channel.��Service Following� causes the radio to automatically pick up a new signal for the channel to which you are listening…If you do not have Service Following, you need to update the channel list manually.��
  • �� � ��Update the Channel List.� The Channel list is the Channel overview on the screen in the radio. There are several reasons why you should regularly update this: A) It ensures that you get the channels that are available in your area. Are you bringing kitchen radio to the cabin without updating the channel list? The radio should be updated. The radio “remembers” the frequencies at which you did the update last, and will look for them. NRK channels are transmitted at different frequencies by region, and commercial radio (is sometimes) on the same frequency across the country. B) It ensures that you will not miss new channels and changes. Not all DAB radios capture a new channel automatically – therefore updating of the channel list is important.�

Nowadays there is so much emphasis on mobile use and streaming that it�s easy to forget that many (if not the majority) of your listeners still use a �good old-fashioned� radio.� Reception of over-the-air signals is still as important as ever.��