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Ookla Says T-Mobile Has Fastest Download Speed of All U.S. Carriers

But the US ranked 43rd in the world for mean download speed over mobile

Ookla, which many of you know because of, released its most recent speed testing data for the US, and reported that mean download speed over mobile in the U.S. increased 20.4% between Q1-Q2 2017 and Q1-Q2 2018 to 27.33 Mbps. The mean upload speed for mobile was 8.63 Mbps, up 1.4% over Q1-Q2 2017, as reported by

Ookla also reports that in the first half of 2018, “the U.S. ranked 43rd in the world for mean download speed over mobile, between Hong Kong and Portugal, and 73rd for mean upload speed, between Laos and Panama,” according to the same article. 

The company awarded T-Mobile their top spot for speed on a nationwide basis, giving the company the coveted title of “the fastest carrier in the U.S.”

OpenSignal also awarded its overall 4G download speed award to T-Mobile US, which also won in 4G upload speeds, 3G download speeds and overall download speeds. Verizon and T-Mobile tied for LTE availability, while AT&T won the network latency category. Sprint was “lauded by OpenSignal for its overall progress in improving its 4G metrics — although it still lagged behind the other three national carriers in most areas, though not as far as in the past.”

OpenSignal has analyzed more than 8 billion measurements taken from about 386,000 test devices between mid-March and mid-June of this year; Ookla gathered data from about 2.8 million mobile users, based on 12.5 million completed tests and nearly 525,000 data points.