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Radio One Taps Harris For HD Radio Again

Radio One Taps Harris For HD Radio Again

Sep 5, 2006 4:14 PM

Cincinnati and Lanham, MD – Sep 5, 2006 – Radio One has exclusively purchased Harris transmitters for its third round of HD Radio conversions. Radio One will install Harris transmitters at 18 stations (17 FM and one AM) through the end of the year. All FM stations will receive Z-Series transmitters with the Harris Flexstar family of HD Radio products (HDI-100 importers, HDE-100 exporters and HDX-FM exciters) for multicasting. Harris also will supply a DAX transmitter with its Dexstar exciter for the AM installation, and will deliver Flexstar products to three existing HD Radio installations to initiate multicasting.

Radio One was the first commercial radio broadcasting group to purchase HD Radio transmission equipment in 2003. Since then, the company has exclusively purchased Harris transmitters. A total of 35 Radio One stations will be on the air with Harris transmitters by the end of 2006. The incorporation of Flexstar HDI-100 importers at certain stations will allow Radio One to launch supplementary channel programming alongside its main HD Radio channel program.

Most FM stations in Radio One”s second round of HD Radio conversions will install Harris Z-Series solid-state transmitters. Dallas station KSOC-FM will use the Harris proprietary split-level combining method, which sums the output from an existing analog FM transmitter and a common amplification analog/digital transmitter.