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Sprint Reacts to FCC’s Proposed Fine of AT&T Mobility

Sprint had been ‘‘throttling’’ data to ‘‘unlimited’’ plan subscribers—but has now stopped

OVERLAND PARK, Kan.�Sprint had been ��throttling�� data to ��unlimited�� plan subscribers�but has now stopped, after the FCC proposed a $100M on AT&T Mobility for doing the same thing to its customers.�

Sprint may do away with current pricing on unlimited data plans later in the year, according� Currently, it offers plans for unlimited data, calling and messaging services beginning as low as $50 per month when tied to a device leasing plan.

There are major network infrastructure upgrades coming to Sprint in the near future, according to Sprint CEO Marcelo Claure.� The efforts involve their2.5 GHz spectrum holdings, which should have the capacity to handle significant data traffic.