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Technology Spotlight: Handheld Apps

Technology Spotlight: Handheld Apps

Jun 1, 2010 12:00 AM

2010 NAB Show Review

Enco iDAD

Smartphones are everywhere, and the number of apps available for them continues to skyrocket. Professional apps for radio are no exception.

Once the iPhone was released, there were apps to turn it into a portable recorder. The same is true for the Droid now as well. With Web browsing capability in the phones and Web access on much broadcast equipment, basic control is easily possible.

RCS iPush

But specific apps for broadcast equipment access made their debut this year. Two significant areas stood out: codecs and automation.

On the automation side, Enco showed iDAD and RCS showed iPush. Both allow iPhone users to deliver material directly into those companies” content systems. It”s an idea that may be ahead of its time for some, but it provides yet another bridge into the station audio system.

Tieline Report-IT Live

Along the same lines, the codec manufacturers are providing remote access capability. Tieline showed the Report-IT Live for iPhone and Comrex debuted the ARC for Droid. Both allow users to connect to the companies’ IP codecs to contribute material for use on-air.

Comrex ARC

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