Praise Network Picks GatesAir

The Great Plains religious broadcaster recently replaced two older transmitters with GatesAir Flexiva solid-state models.

The broadcaster placed a FAX30 30 kW unit at KPRD(FM) in Hays, Kan., and a FAX20 20 kW transmitter at KGCR(FM) in Brewster, Kan.

Praise Network Technical Engineer Alex McKenzie said, “The Flexiva transmitter design provides the redundancy we need to remain on the air at all times, while drastically reducing maintenance requirements. With its consistent performance and remote monitoring tools, there is rarely a need to visit the transmitter sites.”

He also noted GateAir’s service, “We lost two full-power transmitters in succession from another supplier, with no spare parts available … GatesAir immediately made it clear that they could quickly accommodate our delivery needs while living up to their reputation for quality and reliability.”

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