Netherlands Continues DAB+ Expansion

New initiatives and channels launched across country

DAB+ development continues to take place across the Netherlands, as the last few weeks have seen the launch of a handful of new initiatives and channels.

One of the areas that DAB+ has expanded to is Zandvoort in North Holland, according to Local broadcasts like ZFM Zandvoort, Internet Dance Radio and Amsterdam Most Wanted are now dispensed in DAB+.

A test channel has also begun operating. The channels are transmitted with a bandwidth of 96 kbps. After being among the first areas to have DAB+, East Groningen is again one of the first to send local broadcasts across multiple DAB+ stations. Local stations are now able to reach Delfzijl.

In addition, DAB+ network Jamm FM has added additional stations, including Rick FM Radio RTV Amstelveen and Aalsmeer, and MusicBoxz. All DAB+ broadcasts from local stations use an experimental license issued by the country’s Radio Communications Agency.

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