WIIL Likes MaxxCasting

Station feels it increased listenership in urban areas

WIIL(FM), a south Wisconsin station owned by Alpha Media, had problems getting its signal into Milwaukee and Chicago, two major markets that were within its theoretical signal contour. So management decided to give GeoBroadcast Solutions MaxxCasting cellular broadcasting system a try.


The station built four MaxxCasting single-frequency network nodes, each containing a GatesAir Flexiva transmitter and a Shively antenna. They were strategically placed to fill gaps and supplement the broadcast contour. Besides hardware, the MaxxCasting system uses software to tightly model signal patterns and coordinate the transmitters and their signals so as not to interfere with each other or the main signal.

WIIL General Manager Kurt Wertzler said, “This is my first experience with a system of this kind, but I can say with confidence that the additional coverage provided with MaxxCasting is clear.”

He elaborated, “There were many neighborhoods in downtown Milwaukee where the signal was very scratchy before we launched this system. Since launching, we have heard from businesses in that area with genuine interest in advertising since the signal is now considerably better. We are now pursuing these opportunities that simply were not available to us before.” 

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