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Tieline Releases New ViA Codec Firmware

Leading audio codec manufacturer Tieline Technology has announced the release of new ViA codec firmware v2.16.106 delivering a huge range of new features.

“Tieline continues to develop significant new features in the ViA codec, which deliver greater flexibility to engineers for remote broadcasts,” said Charlie Gawley, VP Sales APAC & EMEA. “This release adds a suite of powerful new features focused on routing and connection flexibility, security and input processing.”

The new ViA codec firmware includes:

  1. A comprehensive configurable Matrix Editor with simple touchscreen routing controls for all inputs and outputs. This feature supports saving and recalling matrix profiles for remotes with different routing requirements. 
  2. Touchscreen XLR and digital output routing controls to customize outgoing feeds. These outputs are often used to send audio to a PA system or external recording device.
  3. Addition of graphic equalizer and compressor controls on each input.
  4. Fully configure and manage connections using the Program Manager in the HTML5 Toolbox Web-GUI.
  5. Ability to automatically load, connect and disconnect programs using the Program Scheduler.
  6. Enhanced network security features with support for installing SSL certificates and SIP whitelist and blacklist configuration.
  7. Ability to upgrade firmware and backup/restore configurations via SD card.
  8. Support for codec caller IDs, deterministic SIP routing, up to 6 SIP user accounts and much more.
  9. The ViA codec offers up to 6 different IP interface connection options, including dual LAN ports, dual USB ports for air cards, built-in dual band Wi-Fi with an integrated web-browser, as well as an internal LTE module. Optional ISDN and POTS modules deliver connectivity over these networks. The codec can connect in mono, stereo, dual mono, or mono/stereo, with a separate IFB circuit.

This free firmware upgrade can be downloaded via For more information about ViA visit

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