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Readers Remember Ron Nott

Also question the FCC's position on mandates


Ron Nott was a wonderful, friendly, giving guy, always interested in talking about his favorite subject, antennas.

The obit forgot to mention Ron was also a member of the ham radio fraternity; his call was K5YNR. He was an Extra class, and one of the few who really deserved that classification.

Michael Wm. Bach
Applications Engineer,
Broadcast Products
Richardson, Texas

I am so sorry to hear this news.

Ron and I were good friends when I lived in Farmington and I had the pleasure of visiting and learning from him often. I accompanied him to my first-ever NAB conventions in Vegas.

Ron used to like to “play” with our station, KENN, which was using his folded unipole antennas in a three-tower directional array.

We also had a mutual interest in railroading. He built and co-owned a scale model live-steam railroad which ran on 18-inch rails. Among his railroad memorabilia was a living room coffee table that consisted of a scale flatcar on a wooden trestle, both made from scratch.

I have many fond memories of listening to Ron discuss how lightning really worked and helping him “proof” some of the articles he wrote on the subject. Ron was a huge influence on my life, and he will surely be missed.

Lee Reisinger, N5SXM
Market Engineer
Cumulus Media
Topeka, Kan.


Excellent interview with Chairman Pai in the March 29 issue. He seems a capable and caring man who does seem to have a real interest in radio. Like Mr. Pai, I, along with hundreds, perhaps thousands of others over the age of 35, grew up listening to local (and almost always) live radio. Suffice it to say Pai’s background prior to becoming involved with the FCC stands him in good stead for his present position.

I only had one “huh?” moment: On page 4, he is quoted about FM chips in phones: “As I pointed out in my speech, I don’t think the FCC has the legal authority to issue a mandate …”

Let’s see. The 1980s AM NRSC standards … the elimination of the requirement for operators to hold a 3rd Class (or above) Radio Telephone License with a broadcast endorsement … the 1950s, which method of achieving stereo FM modulation … also which method for achieving color television modulation … the list of notable FCC “mandates” goes on.

If, as Pai claims, the FCC doesn’t have legal authority to issue a mandate, how did all these other mandates slip through?

All in all, a very good look at where the FCC may be going under Pai’s leadership.

Jerry Arnold
Terre Haute, Ind.