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Letter: Buying Bulbs at Walmart? Read This

Be sure to check those wattages

In this letter to the editor, the author comments on Karl Zuk’s recent article “Lumos! Give Me Some Light!Comment on this or any article. Email

I just read Karl Zuk’s article on LEDs. This morning I was at Walmart to find replacement for a 150-watt incandescent. Walmart had a “200-watt equivalent” at a reasonable price. According to Karl’s article, a 200-watt incandescent should be 3400 lumens. The Walmart “equivalent” is only 3000 lumens. Oh, well they rate it at 27-watt, a far cry from 200.

On another note, I replaced some C9 Christmas lights with LED. I’m not fond of the popular C9 strings with lamps that are series-fed, so I looked and found 120V screw-in replacements for the old C9 strings.

Some of the lamps wouldn’t work. I discovered that the button of the bulb is apparently just a little larger than a typical C9 incandescent, so it does screw far enough into the C9 socket for the tip of the lamp to make contact with the center conductor. But an additional drop of solder on the center contact of the lamp does the trick.

— Terry Cowan, KNLR/KNLX

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