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Letter: GM Has Its Head in the Clouds

"Buyer beware for now" a reader says of the auto company's goals for its electric vehicles

Re the story “GM Says All of Its EVs Will Be Able to Power Your Home by 2026” that appeared in Radio World’s Aug. 22 SmartBrief newsletter about GM’s efforts to introduce bidirectional vehicle-to-home charging capabilities into its newer model vehicles, Robert Gonsett weighs in on the matter. Comment on this or any article. Email [email protected].

The following story reflects and old and imaginative idea. A great concept on paper. How practical this will be remains to be seen considering not only the initial cost of investment but the replacement cost of lithium-ion (Li) batteries as they wear out, the fire hazard potential of Li batteries and the radio frequency interference concerns associated with any electrical inverters.

Allowing the power company to cycle your batteries at will, should you take that option (if eventually available), will cause the batteries to wear out sooner.

Again, the concept in the following story sounds great but the devil is in the details. Buyer beware for now.

— Robert F. Gonsett, President, Communications General Corporation, Fallbrook, Calif.

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