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Letter: Sticking to our knitting

Broadcasters should stick to what they know about, not lecturing the audience

A pair of readers react to Michael Saffran’s commentary “Radio, Stick to Your Knitting,” Radio World, Aug. 29.

Regarding Michael Saffran’s commentary “Radio, Stick to Your Knitting” in the Aug. 29 Opinion section:

Well said! Fads come and go, often overnight. If you thought format changes were a nightmare, being tied to a faded fad is worse.

Ideological advocacy can cost you as many listeners as it keeps, and is very unlikely to win you any more.

Gary Fisher
Rosewood Associates

* * *

Michael Saffran is correct. Businesses can shoot themselves in the foot when they go woke.

Why should I give my money to a company that is using it to promote political causes that I oppose? Or give my listening time to a radio station that uses it to lift its revenue? I have plenty of options.

Joseph Palenchar
Oakland, N.J.

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