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COPE Uses AEQ Gear to Maintain Broadcasts

Spanish network’s station talent continues programs with help of Alio audio codecs

National Spanish broadcaster COPE is making use of AEQ Alio audio codecs to maintain its programming during the COVID-19 crisis.

COPE Presenter Pilar Cisneros broadcasts from home.

COPE’s correspondents have been using the portable codecs for years and have gradually increased the number of units they own. According to AEQ, today COPE’s team operates nearly 200 Alio audio codecs.

The fact that the broadcaster already owned so many AEQ codecs for remote broadcasting has been helpful during this health crisis, says AEQ.

Over the last few years, the firm says it has “fine-tuned” the codecs based on feedback from the radio network.

It says the user-friendly system allows non-technical staff to easily connect the already preconfigured gear to their internet router. The main studio controls the unit. In addition, operators can lock all buttons on the control panel, leaving only the “Help” button active to contact a remote operator.

The Control Phoenix software control application manages all remote Alio units from one or more workstations at the network headquarters. It can also pair them with the stationary Venus and Stratos codecs in the central rack room. If a journalist doesn’t have access to a cabled internet connection, he or she can use a 3G or 4G router.

COPE decided to send most staff home at the very beginning of the crisis. The station has also carried out massive campaigning on social media to encourage people to stay home.