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DRM Highlights DRM for FM Tests in Java

Says RRI set up the first digital stations for FM in Indonesia and Southeast Asia

An image from Google Maps shows the installation locations; click on map to see details.

Digital Radio Mondiale is highlighting test measurements done by the Radio Republik Indonesia network.

“RRI has just conducted measurements proving that DRM in FM is spectrum- [and] energy-efficient, delivering audio and text in superior quality without any interference even in very crowded FM environments,” the organization stated.

It provided a link to a one-minute RRI video about the project.

DRM said that in June, “a digital radio transmitter was installed and commissioned by RRI at Pelubharan Ratu in Sukabumi province, West Java. This innovative step meant this is the first-ever digital radio broadcasting station for FMset up for warning functionality in Indonesia and in Southeast Asia.”

It said the station is broadcasting three audio programs in digital DRM, and a data channel presenting text of news and current affairs information in the Bhasa Indonesia language; that data is provided through the Journaline system.

A second digital transmitter was installed at Pantai Labuan in West Java; a third DRM FM transmitter was commissioned in July in central Java.

In addition, DRM said, RRI plans to install and commission two more DRM FM transmitters in West Sumatra and in eastern Indonesia in August.

It said RRI’s tests in West Java indicated that six test points covered by the 1 kW transmitter could be served with only 50 watts of DRM power. “In testing a simulcast broadcast using 1 kW and 800 Watt with spacing distance 150 kHz between the middle frequency FM and DRM, the measurement showed no interference between FM and DRM. The DRM quality was at least equally good to FM, but the sound quality of DRM was even better than FM.”

DRM provided a link to a coverage map as well.

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