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In Portugal, RR Puts Dante to Use

Audinate highlights installation at Rádio Renascença

Grupo Renascenca, Audinate, AEQFrom our Who’s Buying What page: Audinate is noting a facility project at Grupo Renascença Multimedia, which has three big stations in Portugal including Rádio Renascença (RR), Mega Hits and RFM.

Audinate’s Dante technology is used there for digital audio networking, distributing uncompressed multichannel audio channels via Ethernet networks.

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Equipment from AEQ is a big component, and Audinate said in a release that when RR moved into new headquarters in 2016, AEQ recommended a Dante-backed system for its AoIP capabilities and its interoperability with products from 500 manufacturers.

The studios utilize AEQ Netbox 32 interfaces, which convert studio audio into Dante signals. AEQ Capitol IQ mixing consoles are used in the studios, as are a few Behringer X32 mixing consoles, RDL RU-LB4 line-level bidirectional network interfaces and an AEQ 4MH interface.

“In total, the system makes use of more than 50 Dante-capable pieces of equipment and manages around 1,000 signals — mono and stereo — each day,” Audinate stated.

The primary owner of the radio group is the Catholic Church.

Users and suppliers are both invited to send news about recent installations and product applications to [email protected].