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Italian Local Radio Notes FM’s 90th

Aeranti-Corallo says digital technologies should support, not supplant FM

Aeranti-Corallo Coordinator Marco Rossignoli (Photo courtesy Aeranti-Corallo)

Ninety years ago, on Dec. 26, 1933, Edwin Armstrong received patent number 1,941,067, “Radio Broadcasting and Receiving.” Italian broadcasters are marking the 90th anniversary of that patent with a call to ensure FM broadcasting remains a central part of the mediascape.

Aeranti-Corallo, which represents about 450 local FM radio stations across Italy, issued a statement celebrating 90 years of FM broadcasting and noting the superior sound quality of Armstrong’s technology compared to AM radio. The organization also noted the strong market position FM enjoys today.

“December 26 will be the day FM technology turns 90, but despite its ‘senority,’ it it still represents the prevailing strategic asset of the radio market,” according to the statement. Aeranti-Corallo pointed to a Verified Market Research report that found FM radio globally will be worth more than $458 billion in 2027, up from $267.7 billion in 2019.

“Radio listening in Italy, and in many other countries, is still mainly based on this broadcasting technology and, therefore, we believe that digital transmissions (DAB+ and IP), although representing a very important technological development … which cannot be ignored, should take place without any purpose as a substitute for FM transmissions,” stated Aeranti-Corallo Coordinator Marco Rossignoli. “New digital technologies will be able to support FM broadcasts, further encouraging radio listening with new proposals.”

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