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NXP Joins RadioDNS

Piggott points to "growing importance of our open standards for hybrid radio"

Big semiconductor company NXP has joined RadioDNS, calling the decision a restatement of its commitment to broadcast radio.

The two organizations have worked together extensively but now the manufacturer becomes a formal member of the hybrid radio project.

Nacho Seirul-Lo Salas, NXP’s director of Program Management Customer Application Support, also joins the RadioDNS Steering Board.

He said in the announcement, “After years of fruitful collaboration, where NXP has presented at least three generations of hybrid radio demonstrators, NXP is now happy to join the RadioDNS organization to restate our commitment to broadcast radio and enhancement of its user experience by adding metadata from the internet.”

Nick Piggott, project director, said the decision “reflects the growing importance of our open standards for hybrid radio. … We’ll continue to work closely with [NXP] to help their OEM customers implement our global standards for hybrid radio.”

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