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Builds on Volkswagen Group’s existing relationship with hybrid radio advocate

CARIAD, the software arm of the Volkswagen Group, has joined RadioDNS.

“Audi were innovators in the automotive sector for hybrid radio, using the RadioDNS standards to enable new experiences of radio for drivers in connected vehicles,” RadioDNS wrote in its announcement. Audi is a member of the Volkswagen Group.

“Functionality like the unique ‘range extender,’ which switches seamlessly between broadcast radio and IP streaming, uses our standards to get the required stream information directly from radio stations. CARIAD will now continue to work with RadioDNS to implement and develop standards for their hybrid radio offering, which will be available in Volkswagen Group’s connected vehicles.”

The announcement was made by RadioDNS Project Director Nick Piggott and CARIAD Development Engineer Christian Winter.

Winter said, “Many vehicles in the premium segment of the group are already using RadioDNS technology and we are looking forward to bringing hybrid radio solutions to the volume segment.”

Other organizations joining RadioDNS recently include Hubbard, Gracenote, G&L and NXP.