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Sales Association Suspends Russian Members

egta also announced a €100,000 donation to support Ukrainian media and humanitarian institutions

Following on the recent suspension and departure of Russian broadcasters from the European Broadcasting Union, the board of directors of egta, the global organization for radio and television sales houses, has suspended its relationship with its Russian members in response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

According egta, its Russian members included European Media Group (EMG), CTC Media’s Everest Sales, Gazprom-Media, Media-1, National Advertising Alliance (NAA), and Russian Media Group.

In a statement released on Mar. 3, the egta board of directors stated: “As an association built on cooperation across borders, we are deeply concerned by this tragic situation and strongly condemn Russia’s overt attack upon democracy and peace in Europe.

“As such, we stand in solidarity with the people of Ukraine and with all egta colleagues in the media and advertising industry, in Ukraine and Russia, who are unwillingly drawn into an unnecessary conflict.

“However, as a strong signal to its leadership and as part of the international effort to isolate Russia from the international community, we are suspending services to all Russian member sales houses. The suspension will remain in effect until further decision by the association’s next General Assembly.”

The association also noted that its members are involved in humanitarian actions and fundraisers in response to the invasion and subsequent refugee crisis. “Additionally, the association will donate €100,000 [$109,275] to both Ukrainian media and humanitarian institutions and invites other associations across Europe to consider similar measures,” according to the statement.