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Xperi Partners With FM-world in Italy

Cites aggregator’s “unique position” in that country and other markets

FM-world, hybrid radio, DTS Connected Radio, Elenos, Xperi
A promotional image for the FM-world app.

DTS and its parent company Xperi said they’ve expanded DTS Connected Radio coverage in Italy by working with FM-world, a radio station streaming and aggregation platform.

DTS Connected Radio is a hybrid radio platform built around a database of broadcast metadata. Xperi says the platform is about to come to market in a number of 2021 vehicles. Hybrid systems combine over-the-air reception with internet connectivity to provide features like enhanced graphics, geo-targeting and data aggregation.

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FM-world — part of technology company Elenos, which also owns Broadcast Electronics — describes itself as “an ecosystem that lives around the radio.” Its activities include an online newspaper about radio and an app for radio listening that includes visual radio capabilities.

Under this agreement FM-world content will be integrated into the Xperi platform, feeding data and streams to the DTS Connected Radio system on behalf of its own Italian broadcast partners and other markets.

“The companies have completed and validated country-wide integration in Italy and will rapidly add more FM-world territories in other countries,” they announced.

The announcement was made by Gianluca Busi, CEO of FM-world, and Joe D’Angelo, senior vice president of radio at Xperi.

“FM-world will feed validated live, now-playing data, as well as station streaming services into DTS Connected Radio,” according to the announcement. “This collaboration will provide all FM-world’s broadcast clients with turnkey integration and presence in the DTS Connected Radio ecosystem.”

D’Angelo was quoted saying of FM-world: “Their unique position in Italy, and other markets, makes them an ideal partner as we work to revolutionize the in-car radio listening experience.”

Xperi recently completed its merger with Tivo. It is also the parent of HD Radio as well as DTS AutoSense, a line of car occupancy and driver monitoring systems.