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Ampegon Changes Leadership Structure

Troxler becomes chairman of the board of directors

TURGI, Switzerland � Josef Troxler and Dieter Sch�ufler are now wearing new hats at�Ampegon, the company has announced.

As of July 1, Troxler left his position as CEO of Ampegon Group and managing director of Ampegon AG to take over the vacated position of chairman of the board of directors for Ampegon Group.

Joachim Markus stepped down from that position on June 30. Troxler will continue in his role as managing director of Ampegon Antenna Systems GmbH.

Replacing Troxler in both of his vacated positions is Sch�ufler. Sch�ufler has been with the company for two years, managing the day-to-day operation of Ampegon PPT GmbH, a role that he will continue to occupy.

In the company�s official press release, it cited recent market conditions and competition from abroad as reasons for the changes.

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