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Broadcast Devices RF Site Management Dashboard

Broadcast Devices RF Site Management Dashboard

Feb 7, 2013 11:10 AM, By Erin Shipps, senior associate editor

Power meter software
This system is designed to interface with BDI’s DPS-100D RF power measurement system via its SNMP interface. Designed for master antenna installation or engineers managing multiple sites this combination of hardware and software provides a user-friendly layout with the ability to consolidate data from a large number of DPS-100D RF Sensors. Sensors may be co-located or at multiple remote sites. The RF Dashboard provides a one-page spreadsheet, which consolidates each sensor’s data in the MainView window. Data from sensors showing alarm or alert conditions are displayed in the “Needs Attention” area. Out-of-tolerance parameters are highlighted in red and displayed in real time. Clicking on a single sensor displays a detailed view of the individual sensor’s data. The RF Dashboard can be viewed by multiple users and configured to work on Windows XP and Windows 7.
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Broadcast Devices DPS-100D

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