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IBiquity Operations Expected to Remain in Place

How does iBiquity Digital fit into the DTS business model?

COLUMBIA, Md.�How does iBiquity Digital fit into the DTS business model?

As Bob Struble sees it, �it�s a very logical and strategic fit.� Struble is president and CEO of the HD Radio developer, which will�soon be acquired�by the bigger, publicly traded DTS. The news came as a surprise to business observers in radio circles Wednesday.

Struble will stay on as the head of the HD Radio operation within DTS; iBiquity�s three main offices will remain in place.�The sale price was $172 million.�

He said the business models and technologies of the two companies are largely complimentary, �pretty good bolt-ons.��A press release said the sale �combines businesses with similar and compelling IP licensing models driving diverse recurring revenue streams and high gross margins.�

DTS describes its business as �high-definition audio solutions and audio enhancement technologies,� while iBiquity is developer of HD Radio technology for AM/FM audio and data broadcasting.

DTS grew out of the motion picture sound industry in the early 1990s and soon moved into consumer products. Among its acquisitions in the past six years are Neural Audio and SRS Labs. IBiquity Digital has its roots in the same timeframe, evolving from USA Digital Radio and a later merger with Lucent Digital Radio in 2000.