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Learn This Miking Technique

There are a wide array of techniques for miking a sound source in stereo — this is one

Ever wonder what the best way to set up microphones during an impromptu jam session?

“Every engineer finds himself in this situation from time to time. You’ve got a small local acoustic band visiting your morning drive talk show, and during the interview they want to perform one of their songs live on the air,” Scott Johnson writes in a WheatNews article entitled “Stereo Miking Technique You Should Know.”

“You don’t have the time or gear to mic up every voice and instrument separately, so ideally what you want is a nice, live-sounding stereo pickup of the group as a whole. But you also want to make sure it’s mono-compatible; even in the 21st century, there are still radios out there with one speaker, and a hollow-sounding mono signal just won’t do.”

“There is a very wide array of techniques for miking a sound source in stereo. But only one is truly suitable for our needs, for an equally wide array of reasons.”

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