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WUSF’s New Tower Is Up and Running in Riverview

Replacement tower is same size and height with new tech and safety features

Photo by WUSF Public Media

WUSF Public Media has announced the completion of a replacement radio tower for WUSF(FM). It is located in Riverview, Fla.

The project was managed by staff of WUSF Public Media and The University of South Florida.

According to the press release, the new tower is the same size and height of the old tower, which was built 50 years ago. The tower was built and raised by Electronics Research Inc., Chandler, Ind. The tower was updated with new technology and safety features, although it keeps much of the same broadcast equipment from the old tower. The foundation was also poured 80 feet deep in the bedrock, which is intended to ensure greater stability.

“Safety has been our first priority with this project,” Max Sitero, WUSF Public Media director of engineering, said in the press release. “We worked methodically during the last 10 months to do all of this work carefully — and make it seamless to our listeners. Our team did an excellent job.”

WUSF Public Media is licensed to the University of South Florida, which paid for the new tower in conjunction with WUSF. The replacement tower cost approximately $2 million to erect.