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Broadcast Electronics TRECast

Broadcast Electronics TRECast

Sep 13, 2010 12:00 PM, By Erin Shipps, associate editor

Messagecasting software add-on

Broadcast Electronics’ Message Manager suite marketed under The Radio Experience (TRE) now offers new functions for RBDS, HD Radio, the Internet and Twitter. TRECast is a tool for creating instant unscheduled messages such as weather warnings, news alerts, or even live contest details to be delivered instantly to a single station or group of stations. These messages can be archived to a message clipboard for immediate access by announcers at any time, and from any station in the network for redistribution on RBDS, HD Radio, the Web or Twitter. This is in addition to TRE’s new social network tagging capabilities, giving listeners the ability to receive a station’s now playing data as well as earmark songs for purchase through the station’s social networking feeds such as Twitter and Facebook. Compatible with BE’s AudioVault and most other major automation systems, TRE messagecasting software enables operators to schedule text messages in much the same way they would schedule music, with a complete set of tools for generating and tracking advertiser, as well as promotional messages.
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