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Contributor Pro-File: Meet Rodney Belizaire, CBRE

Contributor Pro-File: Meet Rodney Belizaire, CBRE

Jul 1, 2003 12:00 PM

Meet the professionals who write for Radio magazine.
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Rodney Belizaire
Chief Engineer
New York
Belizaire has worked in radio for 20 years, all of them in New York. He has been with WQXR since 1993, where he became the chief engineer at the beginning of 2001.

His experience includes a great deal of experience as a remote broadcast engineer, which has afforded him the opportunity to travel all over the country. His work includes the first ISDN remotes from Venice, Italy and five years as the remote engineer for the New York Giants home games.

He is a live music mixer and has mixed live cabaret broadcasts all over the city and in his studios almost every week for five years.