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February New Products

February New Products

Feb 1, 2009 12:00 PM, By Erin Shipps, associate editor



MS 400: Moderna Series headphones are engineered with a carbon fiber enclosure for accurate response and high quality audio. These flexible fold-and-go headphones fit conveniently into a compact carrying case for travel. They feature studio grade 40mm electrodynamic drivers, 32 ohm impedance, 98dB sensitivity,
max input power of 1W and weigh 6.5 ounces.
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Six-band digital audio processor

Axel Technology

Falcon 50 FM: The Falcon 50’s largest control set allows users to paint a unique and competitive on-air sound, from detailed and flat to heavy and loud. Audio quality is maintained even at extreme settings. A module allows flexible switching between inputs. Fail-safe operation is assured by an internal bypass on all the audio and MPX I/O circuits. Two composite baseband outputs are provided, each with independent level control. The MPX clipping stage is user-enable and adjustable. MPX power can be limited accordingly to ITU R-BS 412 Specification. Two serial RS-232 ports, an USB port and a TCP/IP Ethernet connection permit remote control and monitoring from almost any location through the use of a standard PC and the dedicated control software that comes with the unit.
+39 51 736555
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In-studio pre-processor

Omnia Audio

Omnia One Studio Pro: The Omnia One Studio Pro is the first studio processor to include a four-band compressor/limiter. One size does not fit all when it comes to pre-and post-processing. The flexibility offered by the Omnia One Studio Pro’s compressor/limiter allows precise and accurately defined individual control while pre-processing music, commercials, remote feeds or sweetening audio. Signal flow processes can be used separately or together as needed. They include: wide-band automatic gain control; four-band limiter; four-band compressor; and bass enhancement.
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February New Products

Feb 1, 2009 12:00 PM, By Erin Shipps, associate editor

Cable tester

Clark Wire and Cable

Pro Aud1: The Pro Aud1 cable tester generates two test tones (1kHz or 440kHz) at three levels (+4dBu, -10dBV, and mic levels). Connections include XLR, 1/4″ phone, RCA, 1/8″ mini, TT and MIDI. It tests for opens, shorts and crossed wires, and features a memory hold function to easily identify intermittent connections. The Pro Aud1 shows which input pins are connected to each output pin by lighting its LED in the cable wiring display. While in cable test mode, pressing Reset stores the current cable wiring display and clears the Intermittent LEDs. If any change occurs in the wiring displayed, the intermittent LED corresponding to any input pin that had the change will light and stay lit until the next time Reset is pressed. The test tone mode is intended for use in checking audio system integrity and the rough setting of signal levels only and not for use as a voltage standard. During this mode, pins two and three are monitored for external dc voltage as commonly supplied to microphones. The phantom LEDs will light at any time the presence of a dc voltage greater than 5V is detected.
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Portable recorder


DR-100: The Tascam DR-100 portable recorder targets recordists who need a reliable handheld recorder with advanced recording features. Building on the DR-1 recorder, the DR-100 has a pair of XLR mic inputs with phantom power for pro condenser microphones. In addition, the DR-100 has four built-in electret condenser mics � two cardioid and two omni � and a built-in speaker for playback. It’s powered either through an included lithium-ion rechargeable battery or easy-to-find AA batteries. Analog line inputs and outputs are also available, as well as a mic stand mounting hole for recording flexibility. Other production-savvy features of the DR-100 include a wireless remote control and audio editing features. Playback can be looped or slowed down without changing the pitch, and locate points can be added while recording. The DR-100 records to SD or SDHC cards, and a 2GB card is included with the unit.
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February New Products

Feb 1, 2009 12:00 PM, By Erin Shipps, associate editor

Online tech courses

Society of Broadcast Engineers

SBE University: As part of the society’s renewed focus on engineer education, the SBE has launched the SBE University. This series of online, on-demand courses is designed to provide instruction on a variety of technical radio and television topics to broadcast engineers. The first three courses offered by the SBE University are now available for enrollment: AM Antenna Modeling, FM Transmission Systems, Matching Networks and Phasing. Additional courses are being developed.
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Power conditioners and voltage regulators

Furman Sound

Prestige Series: The Prestige Series includes the P-1800 PF R power conditioner, P-1800 AR voltage regulator, and P-1400 AR E export voltage regulator. The P-1800 PF R utilizes Furman’s Power Factor and Clear Tone Technologies, providing audio amplifiers with a consistent sound. The P-1800 PF R is also ideal for in-studio setups that use powered monitors for playback of recorded material. Furman’s Power Factor Technology reduces ac line impedance by providing a 45-A peak current reservoir. Clear Tone Technology adds an additional level of linear filtration for a lower noise floor. The P-1800 AR provides consistent 120V output from input voltages ranging from 97V to 137Vac. Furman’s True RMS Auto Regulation Technology utilizes an ultra-low noise, microprocessor-controlled eight-tap toroidal autoformer, assuring quiet operation for critical listening and recording applications with minimal leakage of stray magnetic fields. The P-1800 AR features a switchable front panel digital voltmeter/ammeter with color-coded voltage range indicator for comprehensive power monitoring. The P-1400 AR E provides all of the technology of the P-1800 AR to overseas markets.
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Crystal-laden connectors


Crystalcon: The Neutrik XX series XLRs have been blinged with Swarovski crystals. Named Crystalcon, this connector line is geared toward users looking for that extra sparkle on stage. Fancy and attractive, the crystal XLRs and crystal plugs are eye catchers, offering a unique appearance and innovative look. Now visually enhanced by Crystallized-Swarovski Elements, Crystalcon is based on established Neutrik connector products, offering all the benefits and features found in the company’s best-selling XLRs.
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In-line USB converter and preamp

Blue Microphones

Icicle: Icicle is an in-line USB converter and preamp that makes connecting XLR microphones directly to a Mac or PC simple. There are no drivers, I/O boxes or converters required. Icicle works with dynamic and condenser microphones, providing connectivity for recording, podcasting, voiceovers and other uses. Icicle features a studio-quality microphone preamp, 48V phantom power, fully balanced low-noise front end, analog gain control, plug-and-play driverless operation, 44.1kHz, and 16-bit CD quality converter.

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February New Products

Feb 1, 2009 12:00 PM, By Erin Shipps, associate editor

Broadcasting tapes

RMG International

Audio Broadcast Long Play PER 368: The long-playing version of Audio Broadcast PER 528 for recording both on portable (Nagra, Stellavox) and stationary equipment for radio production features black backcoating, outstanding winding characteristics, extra high-output, wide dynamic range, low noise, very low print-through and excellent winding properties for flangeless hub operation.
[email protected]

Studio condenser microphone


MC420: The Nevaton MC420 is a classically designed studio condenser microphone that is well suited for voice-over, post-production and broadcast. It is available with cardioid and omni-directional polar patterns. It shares the same 24mm large-diaphragm capsule as the Nevaton MC51, and carries a linear sensitivity throughout its entire frequency range. The amplifier is built to the Class A transformerless standard, and all transistors pass a special selection process to guarantee minimal self-noise levels. The MC420 operates on 48V phantom power, and a gold-plated XLR-connector is used as an output connector. It can handle an SPL up to 135dB without distortion. The microphone’s internal components are elastically mounted to lower vibration and handling noise to an absolute minimum.
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Two-channel four-band equalizer

Automated Processes Inc. (API)

Arsenal Audio R24: The Arsenal R24 features two identical channels of equalization modeled after the classic APSI model 562. The R24 is rack-mounted with internal power supply and delivers an affordable combination of rugged construction and solid performance. Individual continuously variable control knobs allow for separate adjustment of frequency and gain. All four bands are peak/dipping parametric design with 12dB of boost/cut per band. EQ in/out is controlled by classic toggle switches. The Arsenal R24 includes a custom transformer-balanced output with extended headroom of +23dB.
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Portable field recorder


PMD661: Based on the design of the PMD660, the Marantz PMD661 is big enough to accommodate dual XLR microphones and light enough for handheld use. Digital recording is at 44.1/48/96kHz sample rate at 16- or 24-bit quantization. Features include stable, reliable SD or SDHC memory cards; WAV or MP3 recording format; large, easy-to-read OLED display; ergonomic, one-touch transport controls; two XLR inputs, mic/line switchable with +48V phantom power; S/PDIF digital input, plus a spare 1/8″ stereo line in; RCA stereo line level outputs; USB 2.0 port for easy file transfer and 1/4″ headphone jack with volume control.
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February New Products

Feb 1, 2009 12:00 PM, By Erin Shipps, associate editor

On-air lights

RAM Broadcast Systems

OAL-1, OAL-3: The OAL-1 tri-color on-air light features wall or ceiling mount, green, amber or red lenses, bright eye catching lighting, 24V lamps, beige chassis and corian base. The OAL-3 features wall mount, red, amber and green lenses, ultra-slim profile (6.5″ x 3.5″ x 1.5″), cover available in chrome or beige, LED lights for longer life and 24V power.
[email protected]

Multitrack recorder


Fusion 12: This high-resolution audio mixer/recorder provides all of the functionality of a traditional hard-disk-based audio recorder but with no moving parts, optimizing it for sound bag or over-the-shoulder use. The Fusion 12 eliminates the use of a hard drive. The system records to two Compact Flash cards simultaneously, ensuring 100 percent solid-state recording. It will record up to 12 tracks � either isolated or as a mix of the 12 inputs. The balanced audio inputs consist of eight mic/line levels with phantom power via XLR connectors. The remaining four line-levels utilize a single 10-pin Hirosi connector, and may be used to feed any mix track without limitation (pre- or post-fader), or as a four-channel monitor return.
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All-in-one FM analog monitor


FM Solution: The FM Solution provides a complete solution for the analog portions of the FM signal. The unit combines the features and functions of an RF amplifier, FM demod, stereo demod, RDS decoder, SCA decoder and FFT spectrum analyzer. Using state-of-the-art DSP techniques all the unit’s processing takes place in the digital domain. This results in FM analog performance that was previously not possible. Features: frequency agile RF input, AM and sync AM noise measurements, variable BW digital IF filtering, FM demodulation with 100dB 75�s [microsecond] SNR, variable BW composite filtering, stereo demodulation with 100dB L/R separation, full metering of analog peak and RMS values, RDS injection/phase and full data decoding, two SCA decoders, RJ-45 Ethernet Interface with remote PC software.
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Upgrades and Updates

Day Sequerra is now shipping the M2A-FM, an analog FM monitor with world-wide tuning and de-emphasis settings. The M2A-FM is based on the M2 HD Radio monitor and shares many of its features. (… Nautel is entering its 40th year in business and has announced a five-year warranty on the company’s NV and NX Series transmitters to kick off the celebration. The extended warranty is offered to customers who purchase the transmitters during 2009. (… RCS has released G Selector 3.10, which adds several enhancements to the Goal Scheduler including Song Groups, Advanced Search, Quick Filters and Twofers. (…Adam Audio is now shipping the Sub7 powered subwoofer. The Sub7 complements the A5 and A7 monitors of the A-Series. It features a compact size and three finishes. (

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