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NAB Extra!

NAB Extra!

Mar 1, 2007 12:00 PM

This section provides access to products long before you get to the show, so you can plan which booths to visit. With booth numbers included, the NAB Extra! will help you find exactly what you are looking for.

Networked audio system


Booth N7111

Evolution 6: The E-6 Surface, the E-series Studio Satellite and the E-series Network Switch combine to create a networked audio system. Each studio operates independently yet can share all the sources and mixes through the E-series network. Switch without traffic limitations, audio latency or machine control delays. The E-6 features event recall, bus-minus and mix-minus and four aux mixes–all with dedicated talkback systems. The console also features four monitor outputs and standard EQ, dynamics, panning and mic processing on all channels (simultaneously). It supports multiple arrays of programmable input channel and master panel switches for customized functions like phone, intercom, salvos or machine commands.
[email protected]

Broadcast automation software

OMT Technologies

Booth N9011

Imediatouch: Enhancements to this automation software include a new talk button that allows the user to insert a live talk segment into the log while still in automation mode. Users now have the option to use a condensed version of the audio library screen with the ability to drag and drop audio events into the main log schedule. The compact full log screen displays the day’s log in a wider view so more items are listed on the main on-air screen. Users can also now drag and drop audio from the full log into the main playback log. A cart-style Event Display changes the standard log-based playback to static cart decks when users are in a live assist mode.
[email protected]

Radio newsroom system


Booth N6511

RCS News: RCS News is a radio newsroom system providing solutions for the entire news operation from newscast gathering, writing and editing to the actual on-air broadcast and story archiving. This comprehensive, standalone newsroom software enables reporters to write newscasts, receive and revise wire copy and digitally record, edit and playback audio.
[email protected]

Analog/digital audio switcher

ATI Group

Booth N7323

UADC-1: This analog-to-digital converter and switch provides 24-bit conversion with AES3 audio path insertion and interruption functions. The device may be used as a standalone A-to-D converter or as a way to insert stereo analog inputs into an AES stream via remote control. A sampling rate of 32kHz or 48kHz is selectable via internal jumpers. Front-panel LEDs display the audio present and clipping for left and right analog inputs, the input selected for output and the status of the device. Recessed front-panel gain controls for the analog inputs are included.
[email protected]

LPFM antenna

Jampro Antennas

Booth C2515

JLCP: This stainless steel, omni-directional antenna is easy to install with a supplied 2″ pole mount. The antenna offers higher V-Pol, which provides better car reception and building penetration. A stacking harness is included when multiple bay arrays are ordered. The antenna features a VSWR 1.5:1 or better +/-150kHz.
[email protected]

Internet radio

Solutions Radio

Booth N8636

Church Web Radio: This Internet receiver features a built in dial-up modem that can be connected to an existing telephone or DSL line. Turn the unit on and the service can be heard live. The system automatically stores each service so it can be listened to after the live service has ended. Call waiting has been implemented so that the system will switch off and the call can be answered.
[email protected]

Transmitter remote control


Booth N8614

Relio: This product complements the Audemat-Aztec remote control product line. This 1RU device includes 64 digital inputs, 64 relay outputs and 24 analog inputs. It also includes four RS-232/412/485 ports, two Ethernet ports and four USB ports. There is an embedded Web server and it includes Scripteasy V2. The Scripteasy V2 offers new features such as the ability to connect a slave unit to expand the I/O capabilities. The software also allows the user to configure I/O and actions with a chart that can then be converted to the Scripteasy GUI for more advanced programming.
[email protected]


APW Mayville

Booth SU7220

Stantron Presentation Rack: The mobile rack is available in two models. Both models are fully customizable to fit the requirements of integrators and end users, and simplify equipment reconfiguration and routine system care through front- and rear-door access. The racks feature vertical lacing bars, 24.75� rail-to-rail depth of shelf space; 360� swivel casters and perforated front/rear panels. A Plexiglas front door provides line-of-sight to all rack components.



Booth N6521

Artisan: This flexible, modular control surface for the Logitek Digital Audio Engine, a modular X-Y router, offers a low-profile design. Multiple frame sizes are available to accomodate two to 30 faders along with two master mixes, eight sub mixes, four aux mixes, 24 mix-minus outputs and three monitor outputs. Surround processing is available on one master mix, one sub mix and one monitor out. Available modules include fader, monitor, master and effects. Two sizes of meter bridges are also available, along with the Vscreen software application, which allows the user to build full-screen meter banks as well as router controls. All parts in the surface are isolated from the ac mains power. The power supply includes 25 GPI in and 25 GPI out connections for external device interfacing.
[email protected]

Active control monitor

Klein + Hummel

Booth N7117

M52D: Klein + Hummel equipped the M 52 with switchable inputs for analog and digital signals in AES/EBU and S/P-DIF format, and christened the new model the M 52 D. The D/A converter features 24-bit resolution and a sampling rate of 32kHz to 48kHz. The analog input is transformer-balanced and floating. A rotary switch on the front panel allows the user to select from four sources: the analog input, digital left, digital right or both digital channels combined. The rear panel hosts an XLR connector that can accept the analog signal or the AES/EBU digital signal, and a BNC connector for a S/PDIF digital signal, which makes for easy daisy-chaining.
+49 711 45 89 30
[email protected]

37-pin audio connectors

Nemal Electronics

Booth C2642

NE3700 series: This DT12 connector for field and studio applications features a patented set screw design that prevents insert rotation. Accessories include dust caps, fan-outs, and break-out boxes to XLR connectors. Typical applications include termination of 12-pair audio molt cable or up to 37-conductor control cable. Additional features include a positive lock insert system to prevent conductor breakage during interconnection, secure attachment of cap to connector, standard thread strain relief and compatibility with existing ITT Canon type designs. The connectors are available from stock, individually or terminated on cable.
[email protected]

Wireless recording systems


Booth N9017

ZFR800, TRX800: The ZFR800 hand-held wireless recorder and TRX800 hand-held wireless microphone provide internal recording capabilities. The TRX800 uses digital modulation and produces a time code-referenced recording that serves as a back-up. Both systems offer audio quality equivalent to AES audio on a hard-wired cable.
[email protected]

USB stick for GSS Net

Global Security Systems

Booth N9008

USB Stick for Emergency alert: The USB stick plugs into any Windows PC supporting USB connectivity and connects the computer to the GSS Net Public Warning and Alert System. The thumb-size stick presents relevant alerts and messages. The unit is not dependent on an Internet connection and features a FM radio tuner built-in. The USB supports FM RBDS.
[email protected]

IFB transmitter


Booth N8116

IFBT4: This interruptible foldback base-station transmitter replaces the analog IFBT1 unit. The IFBT4 is a 250mW digital hybrid wireless transmitter for IFB and other types of radio links. The transmitter features a backlit LCD with front-panel control for programming and operation. A selectable high-pass filter with settings at 35Hz and 50Hz allows for transmission of full audio bandwidth. The equipment is powered by 6V to 18V dc via a locking connector and is supplied with a quarter-wave whip antenna that is detachable from the 50� BNC connector on the rear panel.
[email protected]

Digital mic


Booth N7117

KM D series: The modular construction of these microphones permits the KM D output stage to be combined with the various passive microphone capsules (omnidirectional, cardioid or hypercardioid). In the microphone, the A/D converter receives the output signal directly from the capsule. The microphones are equipped with a three-pin XLR connector for transmission of a bi-directional signal conforming to the AES 42 standard. All standard sampling frequencies are supported, from 44.1kHz to 192kHz. An A/D converter receives the output signal directly from the microphone capsule. Level matching required for subsequent devices is performed digitally in the microphone itself.
[email protected]

Condition monitoring


Booth C1907

M2M: The device can monitor and manage non-IT-based assets such as HVAC units, back-up generators, security access instruments, street lamps and cooling towers. The monitor can help with predictive maintenance, which can streamline operations. The units in the M2M product line are simple enough to monitor lights at a cell tower or complex enough to manage and control a cooling tower at a large power facility.
[email protected]

On-air switcher


Booth N4928

RB-OA3: A 1RU unity gain on-air switcher, this unit is capable of switching three stereo pairs between three studios. Each studio can control the transmission path together with two peripheral paths for equipment such as a codec or hybrid. It also allows for seamless and continuous broadcast from any multi-studio radio network. The unit can be expanded to switch between five studios or six stereo pairs by connecting multiple units via RJ-45 serial connections. Features of this switcher include an input impedance of greater than 20k�, an output impedance of less than 50�, a frequency response of 20Hz to 20kHz �0.1dB and 0.01 percent THD at 1kHz.
[email protected]

FM transmission systems

Propagation Systems

Booth C1920

Turnkey Transmission Services: PSI now offers full FM turnkey transmission systems including a PSI antenna, PSI transmission line, transmitter of customer’s choice, tower, building and commissioning. The customer has the flexibility to use all or any part of the turnkey offering. PSI antenna models include directional and non-directional using panels and Power-Tiller for FM and IBOC, at all power levels. Also available is pattern optimization, customization, multi-station antennas, filters and combiners.
[email protected]

FM bandpass filter


Booth C2220

FMBP1000: This FM bandpass filter is rated for 1kW and can be used as a standalone device to filter unwanted out-of-band energy, can provide the necessary filtering requirements for IBOC signals and can be used in a channel combining system to combine two close-spaced FM channels that would then feed a common antenna. FMBP1000 series filters attenuate unwanted signals to reduce cross modulation. The filter is available in three- and four-section designs with or without cross coupling.
[email protected]

Simulcasting product


Booth N2502, N3100

Intraplex Synchrocast3: This third-generation simulcasting product allows radio broadcasters with overlapping transmitters to create audio synchronization in multiple-transmitter networks. The system uses an Intraplex T1/E1 multiplexer or Net Xpress IP multiplexer platform with GPS digital timing to enable a network of transmitters to increase coverage areas and reduce interference. The product offers more efficient use of network bandwidth by the timing system, allowing users to allocate additional bandwidth to voice and data transmission.
[email protected]

Remote receiver

Burk Technology

Booth N8611

Watchband: This receiver provides stereo, phase and field intensity data, streaming audio and decoded RDS to any PC with an Internet connection. Broadcasters can record audio streams for remote playback, as well as log audio metrics for review and analysis. Automatic logging routines allow station-to-station comparisons for the entire market.
[email protected]



Booth N6126

1kW Transmitter: This transmitter is a single box 1kW transmitter with drop-down front panel for easy access to two replaceable 700W modules. The modular version will still be available.
[email protected]

Hand-held recorder


Booth N2226

ARES-MII: The hand-held recorder and player records to a 2GB built-in memory, recording PCM mono or stereo, or MP2/MP3. USB2 offers a fast download time. The recorder is similar in size to an Ipod.
[email protected]

Enhanced Radio Assist range

Netia Digital Audio

Booth N5721

Radio Assist 7.5 Upgrades: Netia has integrated its U-Share network management system into Radio-Assist 7.5 to automate the exchange of content for content distribution. The speech-to-text upgrade offers broadcasters content analysis and retrieval. By turning audio content into text the software helps identify and evaluate broadcast patterns. The Multitrack XT is designed for multitrack digital audio recording and editing. Finally, Radio-Assist 7.5 is now available bundled with customized Axia IP-Audio networking components that allow any audio workstation PC running Windows to send studio-grade audio directly to an Axia audio network from its network interface card.
[email protected]

Portable broadcast mixer

JK Audio

Booth N9426

Remote Mix 4: A four-channel field mixer and headphone amplifier, this unit is a communications interface that features a phone line hybrid and keypad, a PBX handset interface and a 2.5mm cell phone interface. Use it as a phone line hybrid, calling into the studio talk show hybrid. Use it as a front-end mixer for a POTS, ISDN or IP codec. Features include four XLR mic jacks with phantom power, male XLR clean mixer output and four 1/4� headphone jacks with individual source selectors and level controls. The mixer is powered by dual 9V batteries and/or 100-240Vac external ac power supply.
[email protected]

On-air console

Audioarts Engineering

Booth N7111

+Air2: The new radio console is designed for small market stations, such as college radio and worships facilities, that are seeking high-end features such as: phone channel with TB, two stereo buses and separate control room/studio monitoring.
[email protected]

IP intercom

Barix Technology

Booth 8034

Annuncicom 100: This intercom can be deployed over a standard IP or Ethernet network infrastructure. It can connect directly to a PC or function autonomously with other Barix products. The device can connect to one of eight preset radio stations. It can also connect to an unlimited amount of stations in a point-to-multipoint configuration. Target stations can be addressed over a standard Web browser, contact input or a serial interface. Used within the standalone paging, emergency call and intercom system, the unit is equipped with an Ethernet interface and communicates over existing TCP/IP networks. All network-connected devices can be controlled from a central command station. Each device comes with its own integrated Web server that allows it to be configured over a standard Web browser.
[email protected]

AES/EBU digital interface

Henry Engineering

Booth N7432

USB-AES Matchbox: This digital interface provides AES/EBU digital audio input and output from any PC or laptop computer via a USB port. The unit is used instead of a PC sound card, and is compatible with any digital recording, editing or automation software that supports USB. The interface features XLR input and output connectors for AES/EBU digital audio, as well as secondary analog outputs on the XLR connectors. The system supports 16-bit digital audio at sample rates up to 48kHz. The unit is USB powered.
[email protected]

Interdigital bandpass filters

Shively Labs

Booth N7026

2604, 2612: These interdigital bandpass filters provide filtering in a footprint less than half the size of conventional bandpass filters. The 2604 is designed for use with transmitters up to 2.5kW and the 2612 for transmitters up to 10kW. Both are manufactured for use in HD Radio applications.
[email protected]

Terminated mic snake


Booth N6034

Side-winder 6: When used in combination with any of the microphones in the Holophone line the terminated mic snake encodes a 5.1 surround recording into a stereo recording. The accessory connects to the H4 Super Mini, multi-channel preamplifier, monitor and encoder with left and right outputs. Attached to the equipment is a 3′ Monster Cable that terminates in six Neutrik six-pin XLR connectors. The Matrix encoded surround output created by the module can be transmitted, shared and processed via any surround infrastructure.
[email protected]

Automation system


Booth N5431

Digasystem: The scheduling and play-out tools of this system can send text and graphics to the station’s website to show what is presently playing on the air and the 10 songs that preceded it. The News Portal allows text, audio and graphics to be assembled into a story for view on the Internet. Listeners can browse through station audio to replay and download news stories, memorable program moments and full-length interviews. One-click and automatic podcasting is now possible. Remote Reporter allows users to access the database through a standard Web browser from anywhere. The EAS Listener manages alerts and sends notifications as pre-configured to do. The system now includes hundreds of Metadata fields.
[email protected]

Portable receiver

Sennheiser Electronics

Booth N7117

EK 3241: This receiver is specifically designed for location sound recording. It improves on its predecessor, the EK 3041, by using a 36MHz switching bandwidth that is tunable in 5kHz increments to generate 7,200 frequency options. Weighing just over seven ounces, the receiver delivers between nine hours and 18 hours of continuous operation. Battery status is displayed in detail. The unit ships with 32 custom frequencies preprogrammed, and users can store another 20 frequencies in a user memory bank.
[email protected]

FM exciter

Superior Broadcast

Booth N8308

IBOC FM exciter: Superior Broadcast will debut a new IBOC FM exciter at the convention.
[email protected]


SBS/Eddystone Broadcast

Booth N5128

XE150, XE300: The XE150/XE300 is a broadcast FM exciter that is also suited for use as a low-power standalone transmitter. It can be equipped with several input options from the standard composite and three SCA/RDS, to stereo input with AES/EBU for stereo digital input, as well as a rebroadcast RBRX version.
+44 1789 768878
[email protected]

Surround sound mixing system


Booth N9014

Headzone: Using current DSP technology, this system provides headphone-based 5.1 surround sound reproduction. It also offers an ultrasonic-headtracking system that locates the orientation of the listener’s head with respect to the source material and adjusts the audio accordingly. The system also offers an advanced room simulation program that allows the users to create a space to monitor the surround audio.
[email protected]

Network management software

Axia Audio

Booth N7726

Iprobe: This utility is a network maintenance and diagnostics suite that makes managing, updating and remote-controlling an Axia system easier. The auto-documentation feature queries and documents configuration settings for every networked Axia device. The organizer tool lets users perform tasks such as gathering nodes into logical groups. The software works with any Axia IP-Audio network and runs on any P2-400MHz (or greater) PC, with 10/100 or 100/1000 Ethernet NIC running Windows 2000, XP or Vista.
[email protected]

MPEG gateway

Telos Systems

Booth N7726

Zephyr Iport: Transport multiple channels of stereo audio across any network with T1 and T3 connections and MPLS networks with this system. The device incorporates eight stereo MPEG-AAC codecs in one box, converting linear PCM IP audio into compressed IP audio and back again. With a unit at each end of a T1 connection, stations can share audio between cities easily. The equipment uses the Livewire standard for networked audio over Ethernet, so users can connect it directly to an Axia IP audio network. A CAT-6 cable is all that’s needed for eight channels of stereo I/O plus remote control. It works without the Axia network by pairing it with an Axia AES/EBU or Analog Audio Node for use as a standalone, high-density audio processor.
[email protected]