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New Products from NAB2007

New Products from NAB2007

Jun 1, 2007 12:00 PM, by Kari Taylor, senior associate editor

Audio mixer


Bravo: This console has been designed for small- and medium-sized radio stations. The Bravo features two program buses, four mic-line channels, eight dual stereo line inputs and a dual telephone channel with integrated telephone hybrids. Other features include cue bus with integrated loudspeakers and headphone outputs, and an amplified monitor output.
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CD/DVD/Data disc player

Denon Electronics

DN-C640: Housed in a 1RU chassis, the player reads audio data from CD and DVD discs, as well as easy access to network playback capabilities. Compatible with most standard audio data file formats, the unit allows 20 hours of MP3 or similar audio playback from a CD, CD-R or CD-RW. The equipment allows disc playback that is unrestrained by the normal 80-minute CD-R time limit. Features include AES/EBU output, internal sample rate converter (32kHz, 44.1kHz and 48kHz), auto cue and +/-12 percent pitch control. The unit also features user-definable skip-back instant replay and frame accurate searching.
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LED cluster lamps


B3127 series: These single-contact, 9mm, bayonet-based seven-LED cluster lamps can replace incandescent bulbs #6MB, 44, 47, 755 (5/6V), 24MB (24V) 313, 757, 1819, 1829 (28V) and 120MB, NE51H (120Vac). The lamps incorporate optical-grade epoxy and LEDs. A light-emitting angle of 50� is offered as standard; custom viewing angles are available. Choose voltages from 6Vdc, 24Vdc, 28Vdc, and 120Vac and 130Vac. The lamps draw between 8mA to 75mA of power. LED lamps last 30 to 50 times longer than the incandescent lamps, and their low-current, high-efficiency operation delivers power savings of 80 percent to 90 percent.

Conditional access

NDS Limited

Radioguard: This technology enables pay-per-listen, opt-in and public service on the HD Radio platform. Broadcasters can offer more choices to their listeners, a broader selection of content and more segmentation opportunities for advertisers, all of which provide additional revenue-generating possibilities. The technology improves radio reading services for the blind, private channels for emergency operators and opt-in events sponsored by advertisers. The technology will encrypt content before it is transmitted over the airwaves, then decrypt it once the radio has received it and verified the entitlement rules.

Cable connector


AVHD3: This connector offers as many as 240 coaxial connections or 230 balanced audio connections in 3RU, the AVHD3 features 24 precision coax contacts safely housed in a heavy duty connector. The unit comes with the tail necessary to connect directly to equipment in the rack. It is designed with cast metal connector frames and backshells, as well as gold contacts. No BNC interconnect cables or break-out boxes are required.
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AM audio processor


Optimod-AM 9300: Useful for AM short wave, medium wave and long wave broadcasts, all processing is performed by high-speed mathematical calculations within Motorola DSP56367 digital signal processing chips. The processor’s quick setup wizard walks the user through the setup process. A less/more knob customizes the processor’s factory presets. Most of peak modulation control is performed within the five-band limiter, using multiband distortion-canceling clipping. An all-pass phase scrambler makes peaks more symmetrical to reduce clipping distortion and to allow better control of loudness. The analog input is buffered and immediately followed by an analog-to-digital converter. All processing takes place in the digital domain. The automatic gain controller compensates for operator gain-riding errors.
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Automated processing

Minnetonka Audio Software

Audio Tools Batch Pro: Batch Pro provides an automated processing environment for many audio-related tasks including editing, encoding, plug-in processing and processing through external I/O. The system can configure any chain of audio editing functions, processors, plug-ins, external analog and digital units, as well as codecs. Users can control plug-in parameters through the native VST plug-in interface. Specify input files and file groups with automatic grouping options. Save input/output file settings and processing chains as jobs, and schedule jobs for execution. Monitor and control multiple job queues, and conditionally control processing based on audio formats or other parameters.
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Display for audio meters

DK Technologies

Star Fish: This meter allows users to see what they are hearing when they are listening in surround sound. Based on the company’s Jelly Fish display, the Star Fish displays an image of the acoustic audio levels as they are experienced by the listener. This information is provided alongside the images already provided by Jelly Fish, which show audio levels supplied to the center, left/right and left/right rear speakers. The color of the meter’s contour reflects the correlation between neighboring audio channels in the surround signal. The stereo downmix and the mono downmix can be displayed simultaneously with the surround sound signal.
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Audio cue controller

JL Cooper Electronics

Soundchest III: This controller plays MP3 files from a Compact Flash card. Use any computer and MP3-compatible software to obtain, record and organize sounds from any source. Thousands of MP3 sound effects are available and recording custom sounds is possible. Non-destructive editing features let the user control dynamic volume, panning and sound length. A 3.5mm jack is provided for attaching one or two external effect trigger switches.

Powered monitors

JBL Professional

LSR 4300: The analyzer in this studio monitor (8″ LF/1″ HF, 150/70W bi-amplified) automatically compensates for problems caused by low-frequency standing waves and lack of sonic elbow room. PC and Mac software provides control of all parameters from a computer. A virtual monitor section with input switching, master volume, mute and solo controls provides comprehensive control at the mix position. Analog inputs: XLR, 1/4″ balanced, +4dBu, -10dBV. Digital inputs: AES/EBU XLR, S/PDIF RCA, data connections, Harman Hi Q Net Network, USB and RMC mic.
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Digital transmitter

Broadcast Electronics

FMI 50T: The transmitter offers 50kW FM+HD Radio output with better than 55 percent overall efficiency. It includes the FXI FM+HD Radio exciter and ESP correction technology throughout the RF chain. The transmitter features patented folded half-wave cavity for better performance and efficiency. It provides low-level combined power levels of 28kW or less.
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Linux-based automation

Smarts Broadcast Systems

Skylla: This multi-station, Linux-based automation system has been under development for several years. Skylla is suited for live, satellite automated and music on hard drive automated operations. The system interfaces to the Smarts Secgen Traffic System, the Digital Program Director Music selection system, and many other music and traffic programs. Skylla is designed around a central processor unit that runs one station, and auxiliary audio heads that handle the audio stream for additional stations. One unit can handle many audio streams. Switching operations can be centralized, or can be handled by the individual audio heads in the system. Skylla can be operated or monitored via the Internet.
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Crown Broadcast

FM150E, FM150R, FM150T: The FM150 broadcast transmitter offers a frequency agile front panel, SWR metering from remote control and can control output power from a remote control. It is a stand-alone transmitter that is available in three configurations: the FM150E is a basic exciter with composite input only. The FM150T is good for the lower-power broadcaster, with its built-in audio processor and stereo generator. The 50 percent upgrade in power over the previous FM100 allows the end user to accommodate line loss without upgrading to the next higher-power Crown unit. The FM150R is the translator option with built-in receiver.
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High-speed audio transport


Pro 64: A Pro 64 system can distribute audio without being restricted by the physical locations of inputs and outputs or the direction of the signal flow. In auto mode, as many as 64 channels (24 bits, 48kHz) are distributed throughout the network. Channels can be input anywhere in the system and output everywhere, regardless of network topology and layout.
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DRE digital FM receiver

Digital Radio Express

Aruba: The Aruba receives any standard FM stereo broadcast, including DRE broadcasts on stations broadcasting DRE programs. Its digital optical output allows it to play digital directly into optical speakers, and eliminates noise associated with normal speaker wiring. A USB port keeps the radio current as new features and benefits are introduced. The receiver can download updates over the Internet. The receiver operates on a 12V supply. Inputs include an F connector for antenna input jack, full-size smart card and USB connector.
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USB matrix switcher

Broadcast Tools

ACS 3.2 USB: The ACS 3.2 USB provides matrix audio switching of three stereo inputs to two stereo outputs. Input three is equipped with the Burr Brown Delta Sigma 8x over sampled USB codec that will operate with virtually any audio editing, recording or broadcast automation software at sample rates up to 48kHz and 16-bit resolution. Matrix switching allows any or all inputs to be assigned to any or all outputs. The ACS 3.2 USB may be controlled via front panel switches, contact closures, logic or the multi-drop RS-232 serial port. The switcher is also equipped with an eight-input GPI port and three-port GPO. Installation is simplified with plug-in Euroblock screw terminals.
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Stereo headphones


DT 880 Pro: The improved DT 880 Pro builds on the original 880 that was introduced in 2003. The DT 880 Pro features improved system equalization. It also includes a sturdy spring steel band design with increased contact pressure to provide the listener with a secure comfortable fit and the durability required for daily use. The semi-open design features a frequency response of 5Hz to 35kHz.
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Heil Sound

Handi Mic Pro Plus: The pattern control of the mic is achieved by using a combination of materials for the large, low mass diaphragm and a special mixture of neodymium, iron and boron that provides a strong magnet structure. The phasing plug assembly features equally placed ports that sense audio from behind, entering them out of phase. Thus, the mic produces a linear cardioid pattern and reduces the proximity effect. The mic’s frequency response is 50Hz to 18kHz. Its rejection is a 30dB rise at 180� off axis.
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Condenser mic


AT2010: Featuring the same 16mm low-mass diaphragm found in the AT2020 side-address studio condenser, this hand-held mic offers a fixed cardioid polar pattern that allows isolation of the desired sound source. The mic can handle high SPLs (136dB) and provides a dynamic range of 113dB. The mic requires 48V phantom power via a mixer/console or by an in-line source. Output from the mic is via a low-impedance, three-pin XLRM-type connector. The mic measures 7.05″ long, has a maximum body diameter of 2″ and weighs 8.2 oz.
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Audio router, interface

Broadcast Bionics

Phone Box Solo: This system is purely software driven, using SIP, VoIP or ISDN technology to digitally route calls to air via a standard Windows PC and sound card. The interface features call recording, editing and playback, advanced visual talk back, database logging, caller ID and black listing. Users can have as many as eight lines for a single hybrid studio system, with options to add call screening, remote control and extra hybrids.
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Bidirectional radio link

Moseley Associates

Event HD 5800: The Event HD 5800 is a carrier class T1/E1/IP Ethernet radio link. When paired with the Starlink SL9003T1 it creates a high capacity bidirectional STL/TSL. The link’s high payload capacity supports multi-station clusters. It’s bidirectional to provide LAN extension, remote control, phone extension and backhaul audio for downlink or RPU. The unit consists of a software-defined indoor unit and outdoor unit. The 5800 radios are spectrum and data rate scalable, which enables greater flexibility in STL planning and future growth. The integrated T1/E1 and Ethernet interfaces allow for any combination of T1/E1 and IP packet data up to the maximum throughput.
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A/D-D/A, sample rate converter

ATI Group

ADAC-2: This converter supports two channels at 24-bit word length and 192kHz sampling rate. Three audio paths through the unit allow users to convert one stereo program from analog to digital, a second stereo program from digital to analog and a third digital audio program from one sample rate to another, all simultaneously and without interaction. The converter’s A/D-D/A dynamic range is in excess of 100dB, THD+Noise is less than 0.001 percent and its sample rate converter is greater than 140dB. The converter includes selectable balanced and unbalanced analog inputs, transformer isolated AES3 inputs and outputs, S/PDIF digital audio inputs and outputs, optical inputs and outputs and word clock outputs for DAC and SRC sync.
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FM, HD Radio transmitters


V1, V3.5, V7.5, V15: Each transmitter features a redundant modular design with hot-pluggable RF power modules and power supply modules. Each module has its own dc-powered cooling fan that is also on-air serviceable. The transmitters are combined with Nautel’s M50 digital exciter for HD Radio. The M50 exciter continuously monitors RF output; its digital adaptive pre-correction circuitry dynamically optimizes performance to ensure compliance with spectral limits. V series transmitters provide user interfaces with an alarm system, 100-events log and on-board real-time clock. They can be remotely managed.
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CAT-5 snake cable

Gepco International

CTS4504HDX: This four-channel CAT-5 snake cable provides four elements of Gepco CT504HDX four-pair CAT-5 UTP cables under an overall jacket. Each element features 24-gauge, solid copper conductors and an inner belt that preserves the critical pair spacing and geometry. For added strength and diameter, each four-pair UTP element has a second TPE jacket that is color-coded for easy identification. The outer jacket is constructed from a rugged TPE compound for durability and flexibility in hostile environments.
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Station planning and design book

Elsevier/Focal Press

A Face for Radio: This book explains the basic concepts of applicable architectural and interior design elements as guidelines for space planning; building infrastructure; layout schemes for offices and technical facilities; colors, materials and finishes; lighting; and scheduling. The book includes images and plans of the work of leading designers of radio broadcasting facilities in the Unites States and overseas, budgets and construction schedules for a variety of typical projects, and guidelines to follow for flexible programs that apply to radio stations of all sizes, from major market network affiliates to small independents.
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Nearfield monitor

Adam Professional Audio

A7: The A7 features a 6.5″ woofer that introduces a new cone material combining high rigidity and high internal damping with low weight. The speaker is powered by two 50W RMS amps (one per driver). The front panel sports a power switch and volume control. The rear panel houses controls for tweeter level and two shelving filters for high and low frequencies. The unit also features balanced and unbalanced input connectors. Other features: two-way active bass reflex and a frequency response of 46Hz to 35kHz, +/-3dB. Its dimensions are 7″ x 13″ x 11″.
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Musicam USA

Suprimax: The codec is a multi-channel IP codec chassis capable of holding as many as 14 codec modules in 3RU. Specially designed for large broadcast networks in high-density applications, the codec permits the delivery of 14 stereo programs from one centralized location. The coding algorithm is user-selectable for each module from G.711 to uncompressed linear coding. The codec supports unicast and multicast IP operations.
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Sonifex has released V2.0 of the D:Scribe transcription software, which offers transcription from DVD VOB disks and CD ripping to WMA format. This software operates with the Net-Log audio logger. (…Enco Systems has released version 5.1d of its Digital Audio Delivery (DAD) system. The new system features a new user interface, metadata features and stronger music scheduling and traffic integration. (…Merging Technologies has released Pyramix Virtual Studio DAW 5.0. The update expands the system’s I/O capability from 64 to 128. (…Tieline has added 3G wireless broadband cellular broadcast support through software modules embedded into its Commander codec. Two versions of the new modules are available to connect to HSDPA/UMTS/GSM frequency bands or CDMA EV-DO Revision A, 0 and IX networks. (…The Sony PCM-D1 has an added accessory to accommodate XLR mic connections: the XLR-1 adapter. The adapter provides two transformer-balanced microphone inputs with switchable phantom power.