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New Products (Jan 2001)

New Products (Jan 2001)

Jan 1, 2001 12:00 PM

Active monitoring system

Genelec Oy
S30D: A nearfield monitor for digital workstations and recording studios, the S30D is available in vertical and horizontal versions. Features include an input word length of 16 to 24 bits; input formats AES/EBU (S/P-DIF with an impedance adapter); de-emphasis 50/15us, automatic with 44.1 kHz sampling rate; input sampling rate 29 kHz to 100 kHz; DAC dynamic range 120 dBA (triangular PDF dither, 24bit data); digital audio thru connector; frequency response: 35 Hz to 50 kHz (-3dB); 112 dB SPL (peak) per pair at 1m with music material; 210 mm (8 inch) woofer; 80 mm(3 inch) midrange cone driver; ribbon tweeter; tri-amplified: 120 W, 120 W, 120W; electronic crossover and protection circuitry; and built-in bass, mid and treble level controls, bass roll-off and bass tilt controls.

+35 8771 3311; fax +35 8178 12267;; [email protected]

Digital audio logger

Computer Concepts
ReeLogger v2.0: A digital audio logger capable of storing one, two or three months of a station’s audio on hard disk without user intervention. Because it rolls over automatically, there are no tapes to change. ReeLogger v2.0 features skimming and scheduled recordings. Using the supplied schedule editor, simply schedule an air check on the day or days of your choice, and ReeLogger handles the rest. Digital air checks, automatically scoped in industry-standard RealAudio files, can be accessed from the PD’s desk or e-mailed to your consultant for instant feedback.

800-255-6350; fax 913-541-0169; [email protected]

Internet-based audio logging

Arbor Audio Communications
LogDepot: A software package derived from the NewsDepot. Because of the support and usage of advanced compression algorithm technology, it is possible to use a hard disk as the storage medium instead of changing tapes or other media. The usage of standard PC makes it possible to achieve any form of redundancy and reliability. LogDepot is developed according to the Client-Server model. One or more server PCs are constantly registering the broadcast signals, while multiple clients can access the previously recorded material. The LogDepot is web-based, which means that clients can use a web-browser, such as Microsoft Internet Explorer, to play back registered programs or download them and copy the recordings onto a CD.

+31 314 399 055; fax +31 314 366 402[email protected]

Mechanical housing

RDL (Radio Design Labs)
Flat-Pak series: Seven models and two accessories comprise RDL’s Flat-Pak series of products. The Flat-Pak is a flexible mechanical housing for various product functions including a 12V to 24V DC converter, 1�4 A/V distributor, NTSC Video and S Video distribution amplifiers, two and six channel unbalanced to balanced audio converters, and an SPDIF to AES/EBU digital audio converter. The Flat-Pak housing features all metal construction; cabinet, shelf or rack mounting; top mounted connectors; and DC jack input and DC power bus output. The FP-RRA and FP-RRAH accessories provide a method of rack mounting the modules.

800-281-2683; fax 805-684-9316;

Digital STL

Moseley Associates
Starlink SL9003Q: Using Quadrature Amplitude Modulation technology, the SL9003Q delivers four 16-bit linear audio channels and two data channels over narrow-bandwidth 950 MHz STL channels. AES/EBU I/Os, combined with a built-in variable rate converter, provide connection to the all-digital air chain without compression. Plug-in MPEG audio modules and a digital multiplex allow for additional program, voice, FSK, async and sync data channels. The efficiency of the SL9003Q is achieved by user-selectable 16, 32 or 64 QAM. Reed-Solomon error correction, coupled with a 20 tap adaptive equalizer, provides signal robustness in hostile RF environs. An ultra-linear 4 Watt average transmit power is achieved with redundant RF modules.

805-968-9621; fax 805-685-9638;; [email protected]


TC Electronic
Triple C: Features three compression techniques: The multi-band compression mode allows you to spectrally compress your source material in three bands independently. In envelope compression mode, users can alter the dynamic envelope of the incoming source by changing attack and release gain. Full-band compression mode simulates conventional analog compressors. With the Triple C, users press a single button to choose between the sound of full-band compression, envelope or the multi-band compression technique. An external sidechain allows you to control the Triple C via an external source, and the sidechain I/Os allow insertion of various processing devices.

805-373-1828 fax 805-379-2648[email protected]

Effects processor

AirFX: A musical device that processes incoming audio or generates sound effects in reaction to movement, airFX features 50 preset programs that modify any audio signal from CDs and vinyl to live performance in real time. AirFX is the first product from Alesis to incorporate Axyz (pronounced ax-is) technology. Axyz technology consists of an infrared beam that can be manipulated in three dimensions, along the X, Y and Z axis. Using triangulation, up to five different parameters can be controlled in each preset program. The 50 preset programs include effects like panning, flanging, pitch shifting, and resonance filtering.

800-5-ALESIS; fax 310-255-3401

Flash memory/PC card recorder

PMD680: This device records 16-bit digital audio using PC Card media. Audio files recorded on the PMD680 can be transferred to a computer for editing, archiving, or uploading to the Internet. Simply eject a recorded PC card from the recorder and place it in the computer’s PC Card slot. This direct method of importing sound into a computer requires no cables and avoids file transfer delays. The PMD680’s Type III PC Card slot accepts compact flash cards (with adaptor) and ATA-sized PC Cards. The PMD680 records audio in MP2 format. A variety of compression settings are available to extend recording times on smaller-capacity PC Cards. It can also record uncompressed PCM digital audio as Wave (.wav) or Broadcast Wave (.bwf) files. A built-in non-destructive EDL system enables the user to place reference marks and create custom playback sequences.

630-820-4800; fax 630-820-8103;


Opus: A series of microphones optimized for music performance, the Opus series combines beyerdynamic’s classic acoustic design experience with new materials and contemporary designs, to capture the dynamism of music performance, new music styles and spontaneous creativity, whether it is on stage or in the studio. The Opus series includes a full range of popular microphone types and is designed to provide an integrated family of microphone products.

800-293-4463; fax 631-293-3288

Studio mixer

Solo Ex: This audio recording interface is the easiest way to record and monitor directly to and from your computer, which offers virtually unlimited tracks. The Solo EX offers: analog microphone pre-amps with 48V phantom power, instrument pre-amps for guitar & bass, inserts, line inputs, two headphone amps, MIDI I/O and a zero latency monitor mixer.A Solo EX is a completely integrated environment replacing: direct boxes, mic pre-amps, headphone amps, a sound card, a mixer and a standard MIDI interface. The Solo EX includes an expansion port for the Solo Expander, for a total of eight discrete inputs and outputs. SeaSound also offers the Soloist, a scaled down version of the Solo EX.

415-485-3900; fax 415-485-3901;; [email protected]

Interactive FM channel studies

SearchFM: This full-featured Windows program offers the ability to display graphics and tabular representations of any channel. SearchFM produces colorful U.S. maps on which the FCC’s minimum separations are plotted. It takes just a glance at the computer screen to determine if a drop-in exists. Page from one channel to the next instantly, across the entire FM band if you wish. Zoom in on a possible transmitter site, or use the automatic search feature. The latest FCC database comes packaged with every SearchFM program as well as an FCC database editor and query window.

800-743-3684; fax 319-266-9212; [email protected]

Multichannel mic/instrument preamp

PreSonus Audio Electronics
DigiMax: Designed as a front end for any digital audio workstation, each channel features dual-servo microphone preamplifiers, 48V phantom power, -20dB pad, EQ enhance and dual domain limiter. The dual domain limiter processes the audio signal using both RMS and peak detection. A full offering of digital and analog outputs include: 48K/24Bit ADAT lightpipe digital output, 48K/24Bit S/PDIF digital outputs and balanced TRS analog outputs. AES/EBU outputs will be offered as an option via DB9 connector. The first two channels offer polarity reversal and high impedance instrument inputs on the front panel for easy access. All outputs are available simultaneously.

800-750-0323; fax 225-926-8347;; [email protected]

Turnkey ad guide

WebPresence These applications allow stations to begin producing revenue through seamless integration with their existing websites, allowing control of Web content for a single station, a market cluster, a geographical area, an entire nationwide broadcast group, or a number of other designated groups. Radio Advertiser Guide gives stations a turnkey option for generating new revenue. Now advertisers can give audiences something they can see. In addition, stations can offer each advertiser printable coupons, searchable text for detailed information, and interactive maps with turn-by-turn directions.

978-448-8882; fax 978-448-8883

Sudio interface strips

Wiremax strips: These studio interface strips allow users to connect studio equipment to a console without the need for soldering. Wiremax strips are designed to be mounted in the wiring bay and to do away with the need for 66-type punchblocks and the massive documentation needed to complete wiring of the studio that punchblocks entail. The two-sided Wiremax strips are the same dimensions as console modules and have steel faceplates, connectors, labeling and a tie strap. Wheatstone supplies the strip panels, console-to-strip wiring and hardware.

252-638-7000; fax 252-637-1285;; [email protected]

Curved LED meters

TVU4 meters: These meters, available in analog and digital input formats, are based on the curved LED meters found in Logitek digital consoles. This styling retains some of the feel of analog VU meters while providing the immediate response of electronic meters. The Tru-VU meters are DSP based for precise level indication. The Tru-VU represents the true 300ms VU ballistic standard along with a peak display. Each meter display has 25 bar-type LEDs with colors ranging from green (-35dB through -1dB) to yellow (0dB) to orange (+1dB through +3dB) to red (+6 dB through +18dB). Inputs can be analog or digital.

877-231-5870; fax 713-664-4479;; [email protected]

Hardware and software product line

Maxx Stream v3.0: A hardware and software suite optimized to stream live audio signals over the Internet. Integrates audio capture, processing, and encoding into a single workstation. Features and capabilities introduced in version 3.0 include: open support for any streaming audio encoder or format, the ability to process audio from an external audio or software source, and full support for Waves version 3.0 processors, which offer a new graphical interface. Further improvements include: C4, 4-band compressor controls the dynamics of multiple bands simultaneously; hardware settings and parameters can be changed from within the MaxxStream application itself; and professional and consumer standard audio connections, making it compatible with all product types.

865-546-6115; fax 865-546-8445