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New Products @ NAB2003

New Products @ NAB2003

Apr 1, 2003 12:00 PM, By Kari Taylor, associate editor

The NAB convention is so big, we divided our new product previewinto two issues. We have also provided the exhibitors’ booth numbers tohelp you find them at the convention. For more NAB information, turn tothe March issue, which includes the exclusive Radio magazineFASTtrack and a map of the Radio/Audio Hall.

Analog radio on-air console

Booth N2804


Features of this analog radio on-air console include flexibleconfigurations and combinations of dual source mic or line inputs, fourstereo outputs, mono sum and aux send outputs, fully programmable logicand machine control and dual mix-minus system availability. The consolefeatures full phone call-in support, monitor and talkback functions,full VU metering, clock, timer, stereo cue/solo, EQ availability permodule, aux send and individual channel IFB feed options. The counterdrop-in mount system offers easy installation.
fax 252-637-1285
[email protected]

Digital broadcast audio processor

Omnia Audio
Booth N2618

Omnia 6-hdfm:

For FM broadcasters upgrading to HD Radio, this processor providesseamless, synchronized audio processing for IBOC and analog signals.The processor uses 96kHz, 24-bit sampling capable of reproducing theentire audio range of IBOC. A split processing structure routes audiofrom the mixer section to separate, concurrent output stages for analogFM and DAB. A look-ahead final limiter conditions audio for thebit-reduced encoders used in IBOC systems, while the analog FM signalreceives distortion-controlled final limiting with pre-emphasis and15kHz filtering. Other features include a six-band limiter, five AGCbands with adjustable AGC crossovers and wideband AGC; twin full-coloractive-matrix displays with an integrated Dorrough Loudness Meter makeit possible to immediately see the effect of processing adjustments.Remote control is accomplished via Ethernet, serial or modemconnection.
fax 216-241-4103
[email protected]

Digital audio snake cables

Nemal Electronics
Booth C3318


These AES/EBU-compliant digital audio snake cables can be used inbroadcast and other high-end audio applications. These 110O cablesare available in constructions containing two to 24 pair, and are UL-CMapproved. Part number SND2424 consists of 24 individually-shielded andjacketed pairs with an overall foil shield and jacket. The cablesfacilitate rapid and neat installation of systems requiring multipledigital audio pairs, and the discrete color-coded individual jacketsprovide for easy and positive identification. Outer jackets areavailable in black or other colors by special order. This product isavailable on 500-foot rolls, or fully terminated to customerspecifications.
fax 305-895-8178
[email protected]

Remote off-air monitoring

Booth N2049

Golden Eagle updates:

There are several new updates to this monitor. For example, a menuevent log that provides a shortcut legend in the status column at theend of the journal. Users can access it by clicking on the status fielddescription. Another feature is the measurements menu screen that isnow in a new ergonomic environment. The real time measurement menu is anew feature. Enter a frequency or select different signals and see themeasurements change in real time. The Webcam menu pulls up the lastpicture that appeared. To refresh it, simply click on the snapshotoption.
fax 305-682-2233
[email protected]

Traffic-area cable trough

Booth C3434

Cable Run and Protector:

This cable trough comes in bright yellow and orange or orange andblack for high visability. With ramped sides, the sections can supportas much as 5.25 tons. Tabs on each end allow the user to lock multipleunits together. Endcaps are available to cover the tabs. This productoffers a convenient carry handle located on the underside and won’tslide around because it weighs 19lbs. Each section measures 36″L �17.5″W � 1.95″H. It contains five 1.3″ � 1.3″ cable slotsunder a hinged top panel and will mate with Hubbell Tred Trak and theLinebacker GP systems.
fax 716-865-8930
[email protected]

Digital radio console

Soundcraft USA/BSS Audio
Booth N3216

RM1dand RM1ds enhancements:

This on-air radio console features front-panel and control-menulabeling that can be customized for radio installations. The consolefeatures an all-digital processing path with assignable input selectionfrom analog mic/line, S/PDIF, TDIF and AES/EBU sources. It offersintegrated dynamics processing and Lexicon effects, cue speaker, dualtimers and digital processing enables it to store and recall as many as128 console presets of desk settings. Version 3.0 operating softwareadds password lockout functions so that unauthorized changes to theconsole setup are not possible. The update also enhances the dynamicssection and steamlines the menus for setup, dynamics and effects. Avariable high-pass filter function is also included.
fax 615-367-9046
[email protected]

Certification handbook

Society of Broadcast Engineers
Central Lobby
Booth 21

Certification Handbook for Radio Operators:

This handbook helps board operators increase their knowledge ofstation operations by explaining standard practices and commonprocedures. This handbook will help operators learn more about thebroadcasting business from the technical and business side. While it isdesigned for individuals just getting started in radio, the informationis useful to anyone who works behind the console. The book covers FCCrules, technical layout of a typical station and the generalresponsibilities of a radio operator. In addition, an overview ofstation management structure and professional etiquette is presented.Other chapters cover station logs, the Emergency Alert System (EAS),safety requirements and operational procedures for trouble situations.Studying the information in the Certification Handbook for RadioOperators will prepare an operator to take the optional SBEcertification test and earn the Certified Radio Operator (CRO)designation. It was written by Radio magazine contributor, RonBartlebaugh, CBNT.
fax 317-846-9120
[email protected]

Six-channel mixer

Mackie Designs
Booth SL2531


This mixer was designed and manufactured to make high-quality,durable professional audio equipment accessible to any station’sbudget. The mixer is backed by the engineering and manufacturing teamof Mackie Designs and includes features such as low-noise mic preamps.The mixer features two low-noise mic preamps, two instrument inputs, astereo aux return to monitor, two aux sends, eight-segment LED meteringas well as separate headphone and control room level controls.
fax 425-487-4337
[email protected]

Rack-mount cable tester

RCI Custom Products
Booth SL1624


This rack-mount cable tester provides a convenient and practical wayto test most commonly used audiovisual connectors. It is useful forlarge system installations such as hotels and sports arenas, or inportable audiovisual systems where misplaced and lost cable testers areproblematic. Features include 2RU high, tests for continuity as well asshorts, test any connector to any other connector, includes XLR, BNC,phone, minim banana, S-video, RCA and Neutrik NL4 connectors.
fax (240) 912-0131
[email protected]

Software package

Dalet Digital Media
Booth SL321

Daletplus Active Log:

The newest addition to the Daletplus suite of solutions, thissoftware package is feature rich for large scale media ingesting,monitoring, cataloging and archiving. Developed for standard IThardware, the system is a cost effective solution that eliminates theneed for tapes and time consuming tape management. Its user-friendlyinterface emulates standard recording and transcribing functionality,while providing powerful search and retrieval capabilities, enablinginstant access to information, even while recording. The package isuseful for managing massive amounts of video, audio and metadata.
fax 212-825-018
[email protected]

Patch bay

Booth N3201


The Bantam Pro patch bay is available with direct solder reartermination or fitted with 25-pin D-sub connectors wired to the TascamDA88 standard. It can be used for most types of audio signal includingmono, stereo, balanced and unbalanced lines. Unike conventional panels,the Isopatch design offers half or full normalling on every channel bysimply soldering across the special program pads on the top PCB.
fax 207-773-2422
[email protected]

Rack-mount telephone interface

JK Audio
Booth N2237

Innkeeper 4:

This product contains four independent digital hybrids in a 1RUspace. The front panel keypad, display and handset jacks provide easyspeed dialing and call setup. Digital hybrids allow the user to sendsignals into the phone line while maintaining separation between theuser’s voice and the caller. The balanced XLR output jacks contain onlythe caller’s voice. Digital hybrids connect audio signals to standardanalog telephone lines without the transmit and receive crosstalkcommon to analog hybrids. A digital signal processor (DSP) continuouslymonitors the phone line and audio signals to deliver separation,typically exceeding 50dB, without any setup and without sending a noiseburst down the line. An auxiliary telephone jack is provided. Theauxiliary telephone is disconnected when you press the call button, andreconnected when you press the drop button.
fax 815-786-8502
[email protected]

Omnidirectional microphone

Pearl Microphone Labs
Booth N3201


Manufacturing microphones in Sweden for more than 50 years, thecompany’s large membrane microphone, the CO22, is a phantom-poweredpreamplifier offering low noise levels, which make it useful in studioapplications.The frequency response of the mic is flat on the on andoff axis up to 12kHz, which makes it useful in distance recordingapplications. It is also useful for recording acoustical instruments,whether recording a small ensemble or a full symphony orchestra. Themicrophone is finished in black chromium, and a red LED indicates thatphantom power is applied to the microphone. The mic is supplied in anAC01 aluminium case.
fax 207-773-2422
[email protected]

Compact production mixer

Sound Devices
Booth N2045


Developed specifically for field production audio applications, thisis a compact and cost-effective battery-powered audio mixer. Keyfeatures include: large, 40-segment sunlight-viewable output levelmeters, channel-selectable microphone powering (48/12V phantom andT-power), three microphone inputs with Lundahl input transformers,input limiters and software-selectable output limiters and headphonemonitoring, including PFLs and MS stereo matrix.
fax 608-524-0655
[email protected]

Composite data/power cables

Booth C674

Brilliance Multi-Media Touch Panel Control cable:

These composite data/power cables are appropriate for analog ordigital system controllers and are recommended for all aspects ofbuilding management, including: PC, A/V and Internet integration;remote monitoring and control of building systems and securitysurveillance; equipment monitoring; A/V system pre-programming; andenergy, environmental and climate control programming. The 1502R and1502P two-pair composite cables are designed to be flexible. The datapairs offer noise immunity and are engineered and tested for 100Oimpedance. The signal and control pairs are rated at 300V and have atemperature rating of 750 degrees C. Each cable consists of a shieldeddata pair and an unshielded signal/control pair. The data pair in theriser-rated 1502R construction is comprised of two 22 AWG 7-strandtinned copper conductors insulated with foamed polyethylene(FPE).
fax 765-983-5294
[email protected]

NTP time servers

Booth SU5623

E-104, E-289, E-299, E911:

This line of network time protocol time servers (NTP) provides amethod of putting time information onto a network. Each of the four NTPtime servers provide accurate and synchronized time throughout anetwork. The concept is as simple as plugging the time server into thenetwork, configuring the time server and allowing any client on thenetwork to request time from the time server. This time server isequipped with an internal GPS receiver as its time reference, providingthe user with a source of Stratum 1 accuracy. ES-289, ES-299 andES-911/NTP receive their time reference from external sources of timecode. They are time code translators, each receiving time code andoutputting NTP. The ES-289 accepts SMPTE/EBU time code while the ES-299references IRIG (A, B or E), NASA 36, XR3 or 2137 time code (AM orTTL). ES-911/NTP accepts ASCII time code in any of the followingformats: NENA (Format 0, 1 or 2), ESE (Format A) or NMEA 0183.
fax 310-322-8127
[email protected]

Composite STL receiver

Marti Electronics
Booth N2604


This composite STL receiver is the companion to the STL-20Ctransmitter, which has a 20W output in the 935MHz to 965MHz band. Theadded power will help on those difficult paths. This receiver willyield an average left and right separation better than 60dB across theband.
fax 817-735-9340
[email protected]

Editing workstation

Booth N2746

Series 5:

Completely redesigned, this line of editing workstations increases astation’s processing muscle. The new platform includes full support forreal-time DirectX plug-ins and standard Windows networking. The DSD8 isa full eight-channel PCM editor supporting all high-resolution formats.The two-channel DSD2 can be upgraded to a DSD8. The PCM4 replaces theexisting Radia workstation as the company’s entry-level product in theSeries 5 range. The PCM8 replaces the existing 24*96 system and offerseight-channel in/out capability.
fax 615-327-1699
[email protected]

Digital audio codec

Musicam USA
Booth N3022


This codec allows users to send and receive real-time audio, contactclosures and ancillary data. The codec is self-contained in a 2RUchassis. Stereo analog and AES/EBU inputs and outputs are standard.Netstar can send and receive bi-directional audio via IP, ISDN and alltypes of dedicated data circuits. This product contains all of thepopular coding algorithms, including G.711, G.722, MPEG 1 and 2 LayerII, and MPEG 1 and 2 Layer III for compatibility with older codecs. Inaddition, it provides MPEG 2 AAC and MPEG 4 AAC low-delay encoding forhigh audio performance at lower bit-rates. Featuring four large, brightLED VU meters and a large menu display, this codec is a flexibleheadphone monitoring system that allows users monitor send audio,receive audio or a blend of the two. The blend function is well suitedto voice talents, who often need to monitor both ends of asession.
fax 732-739-1818
[email protected]

Digital audio codec

Booth N2460

Millennium 2:

This codec offers networking capabilities such as Internet,Intranet, LAN and WAN. It features 24-bit/96kHz digital audio, combinedwith coding algorithms from G.711, G.722, Layer 2, Layer 3 andnetworking via ISDN, X.21/V.35. For conventional broadcasting, thecodec offers a high range of standards and J.52 compatibility. Otherfeatures include communications and Webcasting, networking, broadcastand Internet. Multichannel ADAT and eight channel I/O for multichannelaudio in HDTV, HQ-productions, as well as automatic codec detection arealso available.
+39 051 950 350
fax +39 051 950 201
[email protected]

Recording device

Booth N2250

Eskimmer 4.2 Appliance System:

Version 4.3 of the Eskimmer Appliance System allows high-qualityrecordings of on-air signals, performances or communications, andallows playback over its unique Webskimmer interface via a LAN, WAN orthe Internet. Easy-to-use controls allow a user to listen to audio fromdown the hall or across continents. Encoding-on-the-fly allows audiothat is still being recorded to be immediately accessible for playbackand verification.
fax 541-967-8721
[email protected]

Test unit data link

Booth C2560

Minilink USB:

This link, which can be retrofit in the field, enables PC-basedcommunications between NTI’s Minilyzer (ML1) and Digilyzer (DL1), andallows easier documentation and data acquisition of all devicefunctions. The Minilyzer and Digilyzer are part of the Minstrumentsfamily of test equipment, manufactured by NTI AG and sold by NeutrikUSA. These products can be used to maintain audio equipment, de-bugaudio installations and tune live sound systems, as well as analyzeacoustical and industrial vibration.
fax 732-901-9608
[email protected]

Studio headphones

Booth N2241

K171 Studio and K271 Studio:

These studio headphones feature Varimotion XXL transducers.Varimotion XXL technology delivers sonic definition, wide frequencyresponse and lifelike dynamics. The K171 Studio offers a closed-backdesign with the comfort of supra-aural headphones. The closed-backdesign, combined with the new transducer, gives the headphone adifferent low-frequency character than the K141 Studio, yet maintainsits comfort. The K171 Studio has a frequency range of 18Hz to 26kHz andweighs 7.1oz without cable. This headphone has a detachable 10ft/3minput cable with a screw-on, gold-plated mini-to-�” jack. The K271Studio combines the benefits of a circumaural around-the-ear design forcomfort with a closed-back design for isolation from ambient noise.Another feature of this headphone is a switch in the headband thatmutes the audio as soon as the headphones are taken off. This headphonehas a frequency range of 16Hz to 28kHz and weighs 8.5oz withoutcable.
fax 615-620-3875
[email protected]

Phone editing system

Audion Laboratories
Booth N2604

VoxPro PC:

Providing quick digital editing of voice and phone recordings,commands may be executed on a PC keyboard or an optional control panelmeasuring 8″ x 10″. Features include importation of file types such asMP3 and multiple file export in most formats. Voiceslip automaticallyseparates host/caller talk-over. This product also offers one-buttoninsert record, a jog wheel and button audio scrub. It undos and redosfor the life of the recording. Vox Pro Network, an optional plug-in,allows users to access accounts and files from any networked Vox Proworkstation on their station’s existing NT, Novell or peer-to-peernetwork.
fax 206-842-6029

Multistream audio adapter

Booth N3003


This adapter is aimed at high-performance broadcast and streamingapplications requiring multi-stream MP3 and MPEG Layer 2 record andplayback with analog and AES/EBU digital interfaces. The sound carduses dual 150MHz Texas Instruments TMS320C6711 DSPs and provides fourstereo outputs, two stereo inputs, four record streams, four playstreams and a powerful multi-rate digital mixer.
fax 302-738-9434
[email protected]


Booth N2146


After a comprehensive overhaul, five of the company’s seven discsare replaced by new higher-performing products. The Silver Type discs,the CDR74 and CDR80, the inkjet printable CDR80IP and CDR80BulkIP, andthe thermal printable CDR80 Bulk Thermal use a Phthalocyanine dyeformulation in conjunction with a high-precision stamper to deliversignificant benefits in three key areas. First, the discs arespecifically developed for use in the 1x to 24x writers used in audioCD recorders and duplicators. Using the correctly speed-rated media isessential to ensure consistently low block error rates and low jitter,optimising the integrity of the recorded data and extending its securearchival life. High reflectivity offered by the new discs ensures thatthe recorded material can be replayed on the widest possible range ofCD players. Second, the discs deliver excellent burn yields in shortrun and bulk recording applications, resulting in significantlyimproved economy. And third, when recording to discs developedspecifically for 1x to 24x applications, economy is improved byreducing the operating stress on the lower-power lasers used in audioCD recorders and duplicators.
fax 310-319-1311
[email protected]

Analog audio cables

Gepco International
Booth C244


This analog audio cable is available in single- and multi-pairversions. The cable is flexible and sonically transparent. It offerslow noise and is a durable balanced cable useful in studios orlive-sound venues. This cable will not retain kinks and bends whenflexed. Notable features include reduced high-frequency absorption anda foam dielectric that allows for easy cutting and stripping withminimal wickback when soldering. Its shield will not open throughrepeated flexing and is easy to trim. Quick ground termination withdrain wire and the cables offer RF and EMI rejection.
fax 847-795-8770
[email protected]

Booth information current as of March 21, 2003

Upgrades and Updates

AEQ Eagle and Swing add new features

The dual-channel, ISDN audio codec now offers MPEG Layer IIItransmission for compatibility with most other codec brands. Inaddition, an ISDN backup feature has been added. When the Eagle is usedwith the V.35 or X.21 interface, the unit can be set to automaticallydial a preset emergency number through the terminal adapter when itdetects a loss of the clock on the data link. When a stable clockcondition returns, the codec reverts back to the data-link mode andoriginal settings.

The Swing has added an internal digital dynamic level processor(DLP), which provides constant audio levels without overloads. Thedynamics processor settings are fully adjustable through a softwareinterface.

Orban Ships Optimod PC

The first shipments of the long-awaited Optimod PC (a.k.a. theOptimod 1100) began in February. The product was an idea drivencompletely by customer demand and developed by Bob Orban, GregOgonowski and the engineering team at Orban.

Eimac Power Tube Reference Manual Online

The Eimac division of CPI has posted the Care and Feeding ofPower Grid Tubes reference book on its website at Coveringdevice fundamentals and theory, equipment design considerations andapplications information, this is considered by many to be theessential reference in the tube industry.